Secretary of State Hillary Clinton says “It Gets Better”

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has recorded an “It Gets Better” video. Let me give you a second for that information to sink in. Clinton is the Secretary of State – of the entire country.

Her message is arguably the biggest in the young “It Gets Better” anti-bullying campaign’s history. And it sends a powerful message of support from someone in a position of real power. Take a look for yourself.

Secretary Clinton’s message was released yesterday on the eve of the GLAAD-sponsored Spirit Day, which pays tribute to those who have taken their lives because of anti LGBT bullying. Supporters are encouraged to wear purple, turn their Twitter and Facebook profile pictures purple and voice their support today.

I have always been a Hillary fan, but regardless of your political persuasion you have to commend her taking such a public stance on an issue of such importance in the LGBT community. Of course, this hasn’t been her only support of the community: just this past June, she issued a pride proclamation from the State Department. And last year she extended benefits to all same-sex domestic partners of foreign service employees.

I don’t know about you, but I’m going to dust off my “Hillary for President” bumper sticker and give it a little hug today. Are you listening, President Obama?