Bek and Erin from “Brooklyn Kinda Love” on how they’re celebrating Valentine’s Day

You might be a little skeptical about a reality show on Playboy TV — I get it. I was, too. So when we told you there was a lesbian couple on the channel’s new reality show, Brooklyn Kinda Love, you might have rolled your eyes and thought “Great — that’s not the kind of visibility we’re looking for.”

I was with you — until I watched it. From the first episode, Bek Allen and Erin Williams weren’t just showing up on screen to provide the lesbian sex element. In fact, there isn’t really that much sex at all. In fact, if you’re watching the channel for porn, you might want to watch a different show, because Brooklyn Kinda Love is more about relationships and how the sex factors into them.

As the resident girl-girl couple, Bek and Erin are representing something completely different from the three other straight couples on the show. On the four episodes that have aired so far, they have discussed PDAs and how they have led to gay bashing for Bek, who is always the more masculine one in her relationship; waxing “down there” and if it affects anything in the bedroom; and bedroom roles.

And when they do have sex on screen, it’s the most realistic depiction of real lesbian sex I’ve seen on TV — ever. It’s not staged. They are intimate and then hold each other and talk about why they think they fit so well together. They laugh while trying to figure out how a new position might work. They genuinely seem interested in being together both inside and outside the bedroom, and it’s something not often seen on TV. Most reality TV show same-sex couples are stripped of their sex when it comes to sexuality. And then there is The Real L Word, which felt more voyeuristic when it came to the actual sex shown on camera. (Unlike on The Real L Word, there is no actual camera person in the room with the couples on Brooklyn Kinda Love. It’s all in the dark with a camera placed in the room.)

Bek and Erin shared a video with us for today’s holiday, telling us what they will be doing for Valentine’s Day and their favorite memories of V Days past.


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