Tracy Ryerson’s “Kiss Her, I’m Famous” is the Perfect Web Series to Watch with Your Bowl of Breakup Ice Cream

What Ben & Jerry’s is to breakup snack food, Kiss Her, I’m Famous is to breakup television. Only, it’s not really on your TV. Tello Films’ new web series, which stars The Real L Word‘s Tracy Ryerson and was created by Three VeilsRolla Selbak, is a satirical semi-love story that is sweet and delicious and will have you reaching for a second helping.

The five-episode series follows two best friends who decide to cope with their own break-ups by making a sex tape that will make them famous while making their exes “regret their shit choices.” You know where the story is heading right from the start, but watching it unfold is a treat.

I confess to not being drawn into the premise when I first heard it. I’ve never seen a full episode of The Real L Word, but my feelings about it have always been less than charitable. And sex tapes are a sore subject with me right now because Hulk Hogan recently made one with someone named Heather Somebody and so my grandma keeps getting these Google alerts that are basically fuzzy photos of some boobs labeled “Heather Hogan.” The celebrity news cycle is almost too obnoxious to bear. But it turns out my preconceived disinterest was all wrong.

I don’t know Ryerson from The Real L Word, but she’s adorably awkward and heartbroken as Mandy. (She also spends half her time wearing a hoodie and a messy ponytail, and if you’ve spent any time reading my Pretty Little Liars recaps, you know that’s my Kryptonite.) Ilea Matthews plays Jen’s best friend Mandy, the freewheeling brains behind the sex tape operation. She’s the kind of friend you’d want in your corner during your own breakup, even if she’d draw the line at chopping up your ex-girlfriend and storing her in your refrigerator.

I’ve always been impressed with the production value of Tello Films’ premium web series, but Kiss Her, I’m Famous exceeds their already high standards. The directing, the sound design, the costume and set design: they’re are all big-budget TV caliber. And the writing is top-notch, too. There’s plenty of meta pop culture commentary in the dialogue and a parody of Entertainment Tonight that is even more cringe-inducing than the actual show.

But best of all, like I said, it’s the perfect complement to the ice cream you’re eating as you mourn your own break-up. There’s plenty of straight TV breakup comedy, but we’ve never seen much in the way of funny lesbian breakup shenanigans. A giant bowl of Double Fudge Brownie and a dejected Tracy Ryerson is just what we’ve been needing.

Kiss Her, I’m Famous is available in Tello Films’ premium content section, which you can subscribe to for a whopping three bucks a month. The best part: No Kickstarters, no IndieGoGos, just really rad lesbian web series for less than the cost of one cup of coffee.