Lesbian binge-watch: Girl/Girl Scene

Hey, I enjoy a good binge-watch just as much as the next girl.  This one is by no means a new web series, but it was one of those series I loved binge-watching when it was first released in 2010. I originally found it back then because I had already worked my way through every single movie and TV show in my gay and lesbian Netflix queue. After a quick search, behold!   I found the glorious gay world in web series form. I’m glad to see, actually, that web series are taking off, with new small productions popping up all the time. I think seven years is enough time to give this one a second watch, though, and it’s still the holidays, which means  I’ve got some time.

Girl/Girl Scene was Tucky Williams’ first project. From the website:

“Girl/Girl Scene is a web series I created.  It was a pioneering venture in web entertainment, featuring a cast of lesbian characters depicted in a realistic, harsh, and unglamorous light. It also changed my life forever.  I addition to creating the series, I wrote every episode and starred as one of the main characters, a playboy cad named Evan. Also starring Kayden Kross, Katie Stewart, and Roni Jonah.  There are three seasons, and I haven’t ruled out making more.” – Tucky Williams

What I love about this series  is that it’s not set in New York City or Los Angles, which is something more unusual than not these days. The characters are deeply flawed but likable, and come across as people you could easily strike up a conversation with at the bar down the street and befriend (in that way it’s the antithesis of The L Word…)


Girl/Girl Scene Season 1, Episode 1 (Pilot) from Girl/Girl Scene on Vimeo.

You can watch the full series here – www.GirlGirlScene.com