“Retail Rejects,” a web series

In the continued  effort to find new web series you might want to check out, we came across “Retail Rejects,” created by Tiffany Tong. We watched the first 8 episodes and in full disclosure,  couldn’t strongly relate. Everyone in the cast so far is in their early twenties, so that may be part of the reason why. But we can’t speak for everyone, so if you are in your twenties (or remember them) you might relate to this show. The series centers around a group of girls working retail and their very annoying, all too chipper boss. And of course, a string of whacky and annoying customers. Some  favorite lines so far have been, “it’s not personal; it’s retail” and “just because we’re best friends doesn’t mean we’re breast friends.” It takes until episode 8 to get interesting, and when you watch episode 8, you’ll understand why we say this.

If you watch all 17, let me know what you thought about it in the comments!