“LSB” is Italy’s binge-worthy lesbian web series

Released in 2013, LSB came to be known as the Italian version of The L Word, but in web series form. And it’s true, the motley crew of characters in LSB do resemble European versions of Shane, Alice, and Jenny (season 2 Jenny, not 6, so don’t be scared). While it was hard to get into at first, the drama picks up momentum by episode 3. I’ll be blunt, this series has production quality issues in its early episodes. If you are the type to nitpick, this will bother you. Try to have an open mind, because I promise if you stick it out, things get better. Much, much better, actually. By season 3, which was released last year,  the production quality improves immensely, and the drama intensifies as well. And if you happen to be learning Italian, web series like this one are great for that! Here is episode one of season one, and scroll down for a link to the season 3 teaser as well so you can get an idea of what to expect. Just when you were thinking you didn’t need more lesbian drama in your life…

Season 3 teaser: