Wentworth’s Final Sentence: Fourth Episode

The heat is on! A bunch of storylines started or intensified in episode four of Wentworth‘s Final Sentence. Being only six episodes off the finale, we need to strap in for the notoriously surprising ways of Wentworth!

Allie’s Revenge

The episode starts with Allie’s new routine since being physically disabled from Judy’s attack. Scenes of day after day, morning after morning, show her newness to life in a wheelchair as she navigates daily rituals like using the toilet and brushing her teeth. When Allie enters the dentist’s office, she is given brief relief by the gas he gives her while he “drills and fills” her sore tooth. She hallucinates life inside the island canvas in front of her, quite like the beach hallucinations her soul mate, Bea Smith, had after her daughter was murdered and she was given drugs to cope.

Like we’ve seen with most characters on Wentworth — and true to life — grief means destroying yourself or finding a purpose… “good” or “bad.” Allie is grieving her independence. She clearly found a purpose in knowing the gas exists in the prison but, with her past addiction to drugs, it was up to her whether she planned to steal it for herself or to injure and/or kill somebody else. Doing her own research in the library, she finds that, if she gives enough of the gas to somebody, it can mentally incapacitate someone; a little more can cause death. 

Once her tooth is fixed, Allie goes back to her cell and yanks it back out in order to see the dentist again in the coming days. She pretends to wet herself after the second procedure and, mistaking her physical disability for weakness or innocence, the dentist, nurse, and guard leave her alone in the dentist’s office to clean herself up. During that time she steals a canister of gas to take with her, by sitting on top of it and covering herself with a blanket. 

Allie takes some of the gas in her own cell but, while tripping, envisions the scene of her attempted murder. She sees Lou standing over her after she’d been stabbed. We, who know behind the scenes, understand that Lou came into the shower block after Judy had already harmed Allie. However, Allie takes off the mask with a revived mission to come for Lou.

In Lou’s cell, Allie knocks her over the head with the canister and ties her to a chair. While Allie starts gassing her, Lou tells Allie it was Judy who committed the attack. Allie believes her. Judy has used Allie as a fake “partner” in order to get compassionate privileges — as Allie’s “carer” — in order to get out of prison.

Allie, via Foxtel

Joan’s blast from the past

Meanwhile, Eve Wilder enters the prison. Guard Jake, a new dad, asks “Nanny Wilder” — who has a popular baby-raising blog and is in for “fleeing the scene of an accident” — for advice concerning his baby’s colic while admitting her. She happily obliges. We soon find out that she was a prisoner at Blackmore Prison, where Joan Ferguson used to unleash her quietly controlled, blatantly sexual, wrath on the inmates. 

When Eve finds Joan, now a prisoner rather than a guard and/or governor, resides in her cell block, Joan pretends she’s still suffering memory loss. She’s still playing “Kath,” but Eve’s entrance clearly disturbs Joan and her facade is crumbling. She tells the psychologist that she sensed Eve was capable of killing, she could tell she’d killed, which Joan has said about multiple characters on the show before. Eve confides in Marie about how Joan used to whip the inmates with wet tea towels, of which, ironically, Joan was instructed to “teach Eve how to fold” in the kitchen. 

Eve enters Joan’s cell with a wet tea towel, ready to do some whipping. Big mistake. Joan gives her a false sense of security by pretending to be asleep, Eve’s about to get a good whip in, until Joan’s villainous hand grabs Eve’s. Putting Eve in a headlock with the tea towel, Joan discovers that Eve had killed men before, for manipulating her love and then rejecting her, and uses that information to start the unravelling of guard Jake. If she can convince Eve that he’s using her, then Joan won’t have to lift a finger in the quest for Jake’s death.

Eve Wilder, via Foxtel.

Watch out for these storylines!

Ruby and Rita, making statements to the cops, are disbelieved. Even Rita being undercover for the last ten years is “disbelieved” by the force. When Ruby gets her old trainer, Eddy, to visit so she can ask him to give a statement, he’s found dead from a “drug overdose” soon after. It’s suspicious, it doesn’t seem like him. Perhaps, which we don’t know yet, all of the cops are in on Rita’s downfall. Rita knows too much after being undercover and both her and Ruby are disadvantaged by being Indigenous Australian women. 

Just before Lou gets knocked out by Allie, she admits to Marie that she said she was going to kill the guards out of grief, she didn’t mean it seriously. Perhaps, when she received the letter from her dead partner’s mother, she realises that what killed Reb wasn’t just the guards, but society at large. Perhaps she realised that killing the guards wouldn’t ease the pain. Hopefully she utilises the anger she has to overthrow something bigger than the prison.

General Manager of Corrections, Ann, who’s daughter was killed in a bombing and blames it on Judy — who’s in for terrorism — punishes Judy in the episode. Despite not knowing who threw a bag of urine at her around the anniversary of her daughter’s death, she pins it on Judy, who is sentenced to a night on a newly-instated, public punishment bench outside. Judy gets hypothermia and guard Will threatens to take Ann to the board for the inhumane punishment. When Vera convinces Will to not take Ann to the board he agrees, but only if Ann apologises to Judy. The apology didn’t particularly seem to land, so will the feud between Ann and Judy worsen? Or will Judy have other things on her mind now Allie knows she attacked her?

Vera, who almost fell asleep at the wheel while driving to work, lets Jake look after their baby so she can rest. Jake uses Eve Wilder’s advice of onion broth and a heat pack, which seems to work, and the baby gets a good night’s sleep. 

Vera discovers the psychologist has been testing Joan Ferguson with the same drugs he used on Liz. The drugs seem to be working on Ferguson, she seems to be digging deep and doing some recovery, so will Vera – hypocritically – take him to a board, despite protecting Ann from Will’s threats? Is “innocent” Vera the most brainwashed guard because of the way she puts the institution – including its reputation – above what’s right and true? 

If Judy gave Allie “Judas’ kiss,” as the episode’s title suggests, then will Allie be crucified? Time will tell!

Judy, via Foxtel

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