Wentworth’s Final Sentence: Sixth Episode

Things are heating up in time for Wentworth’s last three episodes ever. Episode six depicts catalysts for the undoing of prominent characters. If Lou’s plan to bomb the joint is pulled off by the end of the season then I guess it doesn’t matter if they’re undone beforehand. Something tells me her plan won’t go off without a hitch. Why? Joan Ferguson.

Joan and Eve, via Foxtel.

Lou and Judy

In episode six, we learn that Lou is playing Judy. When Judy whispered to top dog Lou, during her public shaming and looming death, that if she gained Lou’s protection she’d help her detonate the prison, I assumed she meant to explode Wentworth altogether. But, in this episode, it’s clear her plan was to blow a small enough hole for Lou and Judy to escape (at least first, before ruining the prison).

Judy is in the prison for allegations of terrorism, which is why General Manger of Corrections, Ann, hates her: Ann’s daughter was killed in a terrorist attack. Judy’s knowledge of building bombs and her ruthless choice to kill Allie, or maim her enough to gain compassionate leave as her carer/partner, indicates she probably was responsible for the crime she’s been accused of. 

Lou has a different agenda. Judy gets Lou in contact with a “friend” on the outside, who can deliver the ingredients they need to form an explosive. Judy’s list of what they need only contains just enough quantities to destroy a portion of a wall so they can run away. However, when the man makes a visitation, Lou asks for much higher quantities of everything — clearly on purpose — and said Judy wants “mass-casualties,” which was the opposite of what Judy said. 

Lou is still deeply grieving Reb’s death and, due to Judy stealing from Reb’s surgery funds before Reb was murdered, we should have known Lou was never going to want Judy to survive. But it looks like Lou doesn’t want to survive either, because the amount of ingredients she’s ordered is enough to detonate everybody inside the prison, including herself. Will she just use the quantities she needs to detonate a hole in the wall, stick around longer, and create a bigger bomb to throw the explosive back in from the outside? I doubt it. I don’t think Lou wants to live without Reb.

Lou being able to create her desired explosive is far from guaranteed. Joan Ferguson “has her eye” on Lou after Lou threatened her and, as we know, Joan doesn’t screw around. It means murder. Or a gouged eye. Time will tell. 

Judy and Lou, via Foxtel

Joan and Eve

Joan isn’t taking the illegal, but helpful, medication the psychologist is giving her. The guards did a random urine drug test, after Vera snooped the psychologist’s notes and found Joan’s drugs in the psych’s office, and Joan was clean. That’s bad news for everybody else in the prison because the drugs were helping Joan manage her murderous impulses.

Joan has been convincing Eve “Nanny” Wilder that Jake is interested in her. Eve has killed multiple men who led her on and used her, so Joan is sure that faking Jake’s interest means she won’t have to kill him: Eve will. In episode six, Jake asks Eve to clean the conjugal room instead of doing her kitchen duties, which Joan convinces her means he wants to sleep with her. When Jake returns to relieve Eve from cleaning, she throws herself on him. When he pushes her off and leaves the room, asking a female guard to take Eve back to her cell, it looks like there was a tussle. Because Eve’s on the ground crying, it looks like Jake has assaulted her.

Jake, via Foxtel

When Eve comes back from the kitchen and tells Joan she’s killed Jake, she takes Joan to “show her.” Pretending she chucked him in the freezer, Eve knocks Joan over the head with a fire extinguisher as she opens the lid to the freezer and chucks her in, claiming it was revenge for their time at Blackmore prison. 

In true Joan style, half knocked out, she manages to get out of the freezer. Like she’s done to other people, she gets Eve to rip out her own eye. Joan puts it in Lou’s jelly for lunch: “I’ve got my eye on you,” she says under her breath, when Lou finds it and freaks out. We find out Jake was tied up by Eve Wilder but she didn’t murder him. Eve is taken to hospital and is set to never return to Wentworth. 

Now Joan’s back to feeding her “bad” wolf, what is she going to do?!

Eve and Joan, via Foxtel.


Ann’s egotistical leadership continues to mean guards are encouraged to deliver corrupt, violent, excessive punishments. Promising the guards a month’s wage if they find the camera being used to record sex and fights uploaded to the internet, Miles encourages a male guard to assault Boomer for the camera, which we know is stashed in her underwear. Boomer fights back and the guards leave, knowing the punishment they inflicted wouldn’t stand as lawful if they punished Boomer for “kicking him in the nads.”

Corrupt cop Jones, who’s out to get ex-undercover agent Rita, organises a visitation with Marie. He tells her Rita was undercover so the inmates turn on her, perhaps because Rita has just discovered there’s hope in her case against him. Marie hasn’t told the prison yet and, as she’s about to tell top dog Lou, the women end up sleeping together. Will that change either of their plans? Or was Marie simply doing it for protection, knowing gaining Lou’s trust means she’ll likely be spared from destruction?

Marie and Lou, via Foxtel.

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