“Zero Visibilty” is a perfect snow day read

This week, mother nature dumped a couple of feet of snow on us here in New England. It gave me the perfect opportunity to read Zero Visibility by Georgia Beers. The story is set in upstate New York (in a town I assumed is a foil for Lake Placid). Here’s your obligatory warning for very mild spoilers throughout this review. Skeedaddle now if you don’t want to know.


The book begins with the death of Caroline Rosberg, owner of the Lakeshore Inn and all-around beloved staple of the small town. Her death brings her daughter, Emerson, back to town after a five year absence. She hates the town for the memories it evokes and wants nothing more than to rush back to L.A. Cassie Prescott loves Lake Henry the way Caroline did. She owns the local sports store and runs into Emerson at the Inn because Cassie is the kind of woman who comes over to help out when there has been a death.

Beers tells the story from multiple perspectives allowing the reader not only to experience multiple characters’ points of view but also get a better sense of the people who inhabit this town. The town itself is almost a character. The people who live in Lake Henry seem to love it and wonder how it is that Emerson can’t seem to get away fast enough.

If you have read a romance novel or twelve, you know from the start that these two are going to end up making out (at least). What I found most enjoyable about this story was the way their stories unravelled. There are exes who appear at inconvenient moment and cause ripples while helping to answer questions about the main characters. There are plenty of conflicts to push Emerson and Cassie together as well as pull them apart.

I had not read Georgia Beers before but she is a more than capable writer who knows how to keep you turning pages. Her pop culture references (including a mention of Rizzoli and Isles) had me giggling. If you are socked in with a blizzard or just looking for something to take with you on vacation Zero Visibility is a fun, quick, engaging read.

Zero Visibility is available now through Bella Books and Amazon.com