Chicks Getting Hitched: To have and to hold

Wedding season is upon us, ladies. I’m guessing many of you have at least one lesbian wedding on your social calendar this summer. Or, maybe you’re the lucky gal who’s walking down the aisle – in which case, this is the one and only time when it is socially acceptable to ask your friends and family to give you all kinds of cool stuff for your house. So, get while the getting’s good!

Forget the antiquated crystal bowls (has anyone ever actually used one of those things since 1940?) and the obligatory wine glasses (you probably have a decent set already). Wedding registries have come a long way. Straight couples these days have a lot of latitude to register for non-traditional items like craft beer glasses and donations to their honeymoon fund. So, I figure same-sex couples tying the knot can take even greater liberties to register for whatever the heck we want because, let’s face it, there’s still a lot of confusion around what it is we gals actually do behind our closed doors.

I envision disoriented grandmothers and confused aunts wandering around Macy’s purchasing what seems like an off-the-wall gift for a lesbian couple. “Maybe we should just get a nice crystal bowl,” the grandma would say. “They’re lesbians!” the aunt would hiss at the grandma. “I guess this is what they need. Let’s just pay for this turkey baster and get out of here!” I say we take advantage of the mystery that surrounds our lifestyles and register for whatever offbeat gadgets and quirky home goods our little lesbian hearts desire.

Whether you’re a bride- or broom-to-be or an awesome wedding guest who wants to give a totally unique gift to your favorite couple, read on for 10 items I think would make very welcome additions to any lesbian household.

High-style pet sofa

Even if you and your wife-to-be plan on conceiving human children, your know your pup will always be your firstborn. Show your furry friend some love by registering for this luxe lounge chair by Enchanted Home. Fido will have a perch fit for king, and you can ditch the ratty bone-patterned dog bed that’s been disrupting your décor for years.

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Happy hour minus the heterosexism

There are so many adorable gift sets out there for couples. The only problem is that most of them are conspicuously branded “his” and “hers.” Not these truly modern old-fashion glassed from Kate Spade – they are monogrammed with the gender neutral “yours” and “mine.” (Cheers, Kate!). Complete the set with the matching decanter that reads “ours.” So cute!

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Recycled romance

Sure, you could walk into a store and choose a mass-produced wedding ring from a jewelry case. Or, you could create a one-of-a-kind band that is made from unwanted gold that family and friends can gift to you when you register at The folks at GreenKarat will melt down your loved ones’ cast-offs and turn them into wedding rings that are sentimental and eco-friendly. How cool is that?

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Happy housewives

Cooking is so much more fun when you look good doing it. That’s why I love Jessie Steele’s vintage apron line. The prim and pretty frocks remind me of something Betty Draper would have worn.

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If you take your style cues more from Don Draper than Betty, Jessie Steele also has a practical yet fashionable apron for you.

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And finally, a cute apron that butch/femme duos can share. It’s girlie on one side and more understated on the other.

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Ladylike bedding

Nearly every article about wedding registries in bridal magazines warns straight gals to ditch their frilly pretty bedding and register for more manly sheets and duvets that won’t emasculate their husbands. With no man in the equation, lesbian couples can indulge in delicate sheets and ruffled bedding. I like to think of feminine blankets and sheets as the stylish equivalent of putting a “no boys allowed” sign on the bedroom door. One of my favorite spots for pretty bedding is Anthropologie. Their Nimbus bedding collection has soft gray ruching that makes it womanly without being prissy.

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The gift of organization

At least once a week, I have a low-level meltdown over the madness that is my kitchen tool drawer. I have to dig through a mound of barbeque skewers, mismatched knives, one beater that I believe came from my grandma’s old hand mixer, a rusty ice cream scoop from the late 90s and approximately 49 crappy mixing spoons just to find the corkscrew to open a bottle of wine. It’s never pretty. That’s why when I get married, I am emptying the entire contents of that drawer into the dumpster and replacing it with this beautifully organized kitchen set that has all the tools you need (and none of the crap that you don’t).

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Posh party supplies

Who says the fun stops after you get married? If you register strategically, your lesbian love nest will double as party central for all of your friends. Here are two of my top picks for grown-up party supplies.

Craft beer is the new wine. Keep yours cold with this high-tech “beertender” by Krups.

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These multi-tasking speakers are compatible with everything from vintage record players to the latest iPhone.

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Big girl furniture

Apparently, it is now socially acceptable to register for “investment” furniture. That means you can start swapping those IKEA sofas and tables that saw you through your single days for more sophisticated pieces that you and your lady can grown old on together. This chair and a half from Arhaus is perfect for newlywed cuddling.

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No more cold feet

Throw blankets are an often-overlooked registry item. You and your wife can stay fashionably warm all winter long if you put a couple of these classic herringbone throws on your wish list. They come in a rainbow of hues that will add pops of cozy color to your living room. My favorite is the tangerine.

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What’s on your wedding gift wish list?