N.Y. Scene Summer 2012

Oh hey there. I haven’t written one of these since Pride. As you know, I’ve been documenting the most important anthropological study of queer women in the 21st Century, but now that Ilene and the Magical Elves have gone into hibernation and I have a little bit of free time, I‘m going to highlight a few of the happenings around town over the summer. There’s been a bit of a changing of the guard in the NYC party scene. While some of the more well known NYC promoters have exited the racket or scaled back their events, a new crop of young party promoters have burst onto the scene.

Probably the biggest opening was the launch of Glossy, a new Wednesday night after work event by DJ Whitney Day, who over the last two years has spun her way NY Giants ticker tape parade after the team‘s Super Bowl victory. After gaining a sizeable following, there were only two choices left: become a cult leader or become a party promoter. Whitney Day chose the latter.

The launch brought in hundreds of women ready to take advantage of the top shelf open bar between 7-8 and the banging beats. When the Union Square Lounge abruptly closed in June, there was a dearth of options for women on Wednesday nights, and Glossy breezed in to fill the void at exactly the right time.

The ladies were poppin’ bottles all night long. Lesbians actually opening their wallets to pay for bottle service? Crazy, right? And hey, look who showed up! Amanda Leigh Dunn from the Real L Word and Kim Stolz.

DJ Whitney Day

Photos courtesy of Time Out New York. The rest of the photo set can be found here.

Glossy is held every Wednesday night at Studio 21 at 59 West 21st Street, right across the street from a familiar venue, Slate Lounge, which hosts Truck Stop. It looks like West 21st Street is rapidly becoming NYC’s version of N. Robertson Blvd. in West Hollywood, eh?