The Huddle: Back to school

It’s that time of year where the kids all head back to school. What are your fondest memories of getting ready to go back to school? Clothes shopping? Getting your new schedule? Seeing friends again? Or was going back to school the worst?


Lindsay King-Miller: Can I admit that I’m a huge nerd and my favorite thing about going back to school was shopping for supplies? All those crisp, clean notebooks! Those brand-new pens! The assortment of highlighter colors! The Lisa Frank folders! I kind of want to go school supply shopping right now.

Bridget McManus: When preparing to head back to school, my favorite thing of all time was picking out a new trapper keeper. Whatever color or design I selected set the tone for the entire school year. 
Anna Pulley: I too loved the fancy pens and notebooks and Trapper Keepers that would immediately and ever after be used to store love letters from my platonic girl friends. Trapper KEEPHER, amirite?


Elaine Atwell: To hell with back to school. My mom would pick out these hideous outfits for me to wear, and the school would smell all weird and clean, and the new teachers all had to try their tough guy act on you, and you had to keep track of what day of the week it was again, and you lost all the good callouses on the soles of your feet. I’m a summer girl.

Daniela Costa: Fondest memories were definitely getting some new gear. A new backpack, pencil case and some awesome extras to fill them up. Of course I didn’t get to change everything up every year, but the great thing about pencils, pens, markers, etc. is that they always needed replacing. 

The worst part was that yearly fear that I had forgotten most of what I had learned the school year before during the summer. Fortunately, week one was almost always a refresher!
Erin Faith Wilson: Back to school was sort of a love/hate feeling for me. While I enjoyed shopping for school supplies and seeing my friends everyday, I did not enjoy shopping for skirts that were “two inches above the knee when kneeling” (I went to a strict Christian school and the rules were ridiculous). Due to so many rules to follow and my inner battle to stick it to the man, I wound up in detention or the principals office more than I would like to admit and I dreaded the school year because of that reason. However, my love for playing sports, volleyball in particular, was what helped me stay focused enough to keep me on track—for the most part.