Morning Brew – Friday, July 23 : Mae Whitman, Marsha Thomason and Michelle Rodriguez at Comic-Con

Just to rub in the fact we’re not at Comic-Con, I’ll give you some of the news from San Diego up front.

Michelle Rodriguez was on hand to discuss Machete. When asked by i09 why she’s always killed off in her films, she said:

Because I don’t take my clothes off, and I’m nobody’s girlfriend. The writers are new to the whole tough girl thing, and they don’t know what to do with [me]. We’ve got the dude who’s strong, so what do we do with the chick who’s strong? We kill her. Eventually they’ll get used to it, and maybe Salt will change a thing or two.

Later she cited directors like Kathryn Bigelow, saying she hopes that they will continue to include strong women characters like they know in real life into their films. And we wouldn’t mind one bit if she was cast in one of them!

At the panel for Scott Pilgrim vs. the World, Mae Whitman was there to discuss her lesbian role as Ramona’s ex-gf, Roxy Richter. Because the cast is so large, she didn’t get to say too much, other than she helped Michael Cera adopt a Southern accent for the role and it felt “achingly” good to smash his head on the curb — in the movie, of course.

Also, since Scott Pilgrim is huge at Comic Con this year, there were lots of girls dressed as Roxy. Lesbian Comic Con takeover in effect.

Marsha Thomason was also there for a White Collar panel, which apparently was pretty fun but had no real direction or spoilers. I’m just glad lesbian agent Diana Lancing is a bigger part of season two.

True Blood author Charlaine Harris answered questions from fans and also gave some scoop on upcoming stories in the books that inspired the show. She said, “The next short story will feature Sookie and Pam and the stripper pole.” I can just seem them dancing together and Sookie saying, “I’m not in the mood for your lesbian weirdness tonight, Pam.” You can find that in stores August 3.

And while we’re on the subject of comics, artist Jamie Hernandez talked with The L.A. Times about the history of punk rock comics in Los Angeles, including Love & Rockets, which features “teen lesbian punks, Maggie and Hopey.” Hernandez says:

That’s what was happening in my life at the time. It was a very vibrant era for me and a perfect subject to put into my comics.

The lesbians in L.A. seem to have went from grunge to Gucci, at least if you ask Ilene Chaiken.

Rachel on Big Brother admitted to having a “lesbian crush” on someone named Stacey. She tells this to a dude named Matt. I won’t hold my breath waiting for Rachel to make her move.

What would a horror film be without a gratuitous lesbian make out scene? In the new Piranha 3D, actress Kelly Brook has an underwater romp with co-star (and porn actress) Riley Steele. She told The Sun:

Holding your breath while making out with someone as hot as Riley Steele.
I had to learn to hold my breath for a very long time. It goes on for quite a long time.

Steele says of the scene:

It’s not work when you get to kiss Kelly Brook. She’s so hot. Doing it underwater did make it a bit more difficult but I’m not complaining.

The film also stars Elisabeth Shue, who was somehow absent during the lesbian scene. Bummer.

Warning: No actual lesbian action in this trailer.

(Thanks Shmembo!)

MSN UK has compiled a list of TV’s Hottest Couples, including Sophie and Sian, Brookside‘s Beth and Margaret and Sugar, and Kim from Sugar Rush. Seriously, though — where’s Naomily?

Have an awesome weekend.