Morning Brew – Thursday, September 16: Jillian Michaels gets another gig and Brandi Carlile feels left out

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Jillian Michaels just doesn’t have enough on her plate. She has signed on to become the new spokeswoman for

While she looks in the tank top, I’m a little nervous, considering Danica Patrick‘s ads were disturbingly sexist. Also, founder Bob Parsons seems to appreciate her looks more than anything else, telling USA Today:

Jillian is smokin’ hot. She’s a great role model. She’s tough. And she’s savvy. She matches up well with the personality of our brand. I said to my wife: ‘I’m seeing her everywhere. She’d make a great GoDaddy Girl.’ "

Stay strong, Jillian.

Brandi Carlile told Between The Lines that she’s never been asked to play a Pride festival and she also had no idea there were so many gay and lesbian publications interested in talking to her.

I’m like the girl that nobody asks to the dance! I didn’t know there were so many (LGBT publications)! I’m like, What the f–k!? Where are these people?

Talk to your people, Brandi. They were aware of us all asking to talk to you!

Brandi’s hope is that she’ll eventually get to go on the show hosted by one of her idols.

Maybe I’m just not to that stage yet in my career where I can be on Ellen, but maybe with my next record, somebody over there will really love it. I really want to do it, and I think I’ll be able to eventually.

Paging Ellen DeGeneres: Brandi Carlile to see you!

Looking for more fangs on film? Here are "5 Vampire Movies You’ve Never Heard Of," including Nadja which includes a "lesbian tryst."

Natalie Portman said the only reason it was weird kissing Mila Kunis in Black Swan is because they’re so close.

In some ways it makes it more comfortable (to kiss a friend) because we could laugh about it. But in other ways it was harder because I think you’re better off kissing a stranger than one of your best friends.

Luckily, Mila is a stranger to me.

And in an interview with Darren Aranofsky at TIFF, IndieWire asks about that very same scene.

So the hot lesbian sex scene between Portman and Kunis, did Fox try to get you to cut that down at all?
No, why, is it too dirty?
No, it’s great. I wanted it to be true, for them to get together in the movie.
: It may be.

Now that she’s off The Real Housewives of New Jersey, Danielle Staub is in talks to host her own reality show which she claims will highlight her relationship with Lori Michaels and "reveal her sexuality." She’s also going to be working with Wealth TV for a show called Social in which she’ll " cover exclusive events with her vast network of celebrity friends in a modern re-imagination of Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous." Just an FYI.

Kayla, the lesbian contestant on America’s Next Top Model, talked with The Windy City Times about her experience on the show.

At first I wasn’t really sure how they would take me. To be honest, I was pretty positive that when I went in the house that there would be at least one gay hater. Because it is a reality show I figured that at least someone would be against me. But actually it wasn’t like that. Everyone was really accepting of me surprisingly, which was really nice.

And if you caught last night’s episode, Kayla came out to the house and talked about being called queer in high school. She also wants to be the first lesbian to win Top Model. I’m OK with that.

It’s been a month or two, so someone had to write about girl-on-girl kisses! Time published "Girls Kissing Girls: Explaining the Trend," penned by a male writer. So why does he think girls kiss girls?

There are three main drivers of the girl-girl trend — four actually, once you get past the copycat trendiness that is inevitable when stars on awards shows do something sensational on camera. Perhaps the biggest — for better or worse — of the other three reasons is a desire for attention, typically from boys.

The rest are "genuine experimentation" and that’s about all I can get from what he writes. There are no other reasons I can spot other than being bicurious or being on your way to figuring out you’re a lesbian.

Vanity Fair found the article funny and wrote "Top 5 Funniest Sentences from Time Magazine’s Trend Piece About the “Phenomenon” of Girls Kissing Other Girls." Number one was the fact that a "related article" was linked in the Time piece:

1. “(More on See a photogallery of the visual history of the gay rights movement.)”

Touche, Vanity Fair! (Thanks Lesley!)

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