N.Y. Scene Sept. 2010 — Pride 2.0? Stiletto, That’s My Jam, Truck Stop and Neon Choice

That’s My Jam 2nd Anniversary Bash @ The Bell House, Brooklyn, NYC – 09.18.10

Last month I dropped by a cozy queer party in Bed-Stuy called Check My Grill, co-produced by DJ Tikka Masala and DJ Whitney Day. This month marked the second anniversary of Tikka’s flagship party, That’s My Jam, a monthly dance fest in Gowanus, Brooklyn that has received accolades from Time Out New York and New York Magazine.

DJ Tikka Masala

L to R – Femcee Contessa and TMJ co-producer Trent Brooks

Even before the party started, people had already congregated en masse in the front bar area. As the doors were pushed open, people streamed onto the dance floor. Streaming onto the dance floor at a dance party might seem like a no-brainer, but there are usually four stages of a dance party:

Stage one – People stand around looking uncomfortable. No one dances. Everyone orders beers and cocktails. They continue to look uncomfortable. Rinse, lather, repeat until around 11:30pm.

Stage two – Some of the lightweights lose their inhibitions and trickle onto the dance floor. Others look at them and sneer. They continue to order beers and cocktails, but they look less uncomfortable, because now they have people to judge. Rinse, lather, repeat until around midnight.

Stage three – At this point, the lightweights have lost all sense of time and space and are booty dancing, krumping, and causing mayhem. Everyone else has also started dancing, but they are still self conscious. If you make eye contact with one of the latter, she will either stop dancing or start dancing in a controlled “sexy but not too sexy” manner to avoid being judged.

Stage four – The booze takes control and everyone loses their inhibitions. You have a good half an hour to see people go cray cray and crunk crunk until they get tired and start trickling out a little after 2 am.

At That’s My Jam, people skipped stages one to three and went straight to four, and they remained at that stage for hours. They busted out animal hats, hula hoops, and gravity defying dance moves. No pretension, no judgment, no self-consciousness – just a crowd of people letting loose and having fun.

(Official photo sets by Bex Wade and Allison Orenstein can be found here.)

Don’t understand the concept of riding the R train past Whitehall Street? Rejoice! DJ Tikka and Trent Brooks are taking their caravan of uninhibited fun to Manhattan in October. They are launching a women’s party on Thursday, October 7th called Ms. Thang at Club Love, located at 179 MacDougal St. in the West Village. The sound system is so powerful that the turntables are mounted on shocks, and based on the level of energy witnessed at That’s My Jam, the walls should probably be padded as well.