N.Y. Scene Sept. 2010 — Pride 2.0? Stiletto, That’s My Jam, Truck Stop and Neon Choice

Truck Stop NY, Part Deux @ Pacha, Manhattan, NYC – 09.25.10

During Pride weekend, Los Angeles based girl party Truck Stop introduced itself to New York City by making a sweaty, beer-soaked and borderline hazardous hot mess of a splash. If you missed our coverage of Truck Stop Pride, the event was summed up thusly: “It was excessive and unhygienic. It was one of the best parties of the year!” 

This past Saturday the Truck Stop convoy gate crashed and instigated a raging public disturbance in the New York City scene yet again, taking up residence in one of the city’s most coveted megaclubs, Pacha. Verdict: It was still excessive, still unhygienic, and still one of the best parties of the year.

Truck Stop is the brainchild of Linda Fusco and Michelle Agnew, co-owners of Fuse Events, which promotes and produces several nights for women per week throughout the greater Los Angeles area. Truck Stop is Fuse’s flagship party, and it has been agitating and titillating women every Friday night at Here Lounge in West Hollywood for around five years.

Fusco and Agnew said that they had been eyeing the New York scene even before the launch of Truck Stop in Los Angeles. “We were thinking about New York even before Truck Stop even happened, but every time we looked into doing an event in New York, it wasn’t the right time,” said Fusco. “We just kept waiting, waiting, waiting for the right time. Then we met Bridget [Hauserman] and Lynn [Dukette] of Proposition, and we were like, ‘They are on the same page as us.’” Yes, Proposition, the mezcal-swilling purveyors of Friday night girl-on-girl debauchery. Proposition attracts a crowd that parties like Ke$ha yet manages to keep their hair lookin’ fresh and recover in time to show up for corporate jobs. Who else would Fuse team up with?

Fuse and Proposition – along with New York based Shescape – launched the wildly successful TruckStop Pride event in June. The event left the cleaning crew to sweep up so many jaws – and pants – off the floor that Fuse and Proposition teamed up again for an encore this past weekend.  “The New York girls took to TruckStop right away,” said Agnew. “Not only did we not have to teach New York girls how to party and have fun with what it was, they were so appreciative.”

Photo by David Pun

Photo by David Pun

Appreciative indeed.

It is difficult to describe the TruckStop experience to the uninitiated. Scenesters have described it as “Coyote Ugly for lesbians,” which is a nice and sanitized way of characterizing the unbridled lunacy that actually transpires. TruckStop is famous for the energetic and often raunchy dance routines performed by the Truck Stop Girlz, but the lap dances are not to be missed. If your everyday lap dance is a gentlemanly – or gentlewomanly – match of tennis, the TruckStop lap dance is an Ultimate Fighting cage match from the early 1990s – before the UFC started instituting rules. Nevertheless, the ladies eagerly line up and – quite literally – lap ‘em up.

Not too long ago Gawker wrote about a Brazilian dance craze called “surra de bunda,” in which one’s face gets battered repeatedly by the (hopefully cushy) derriere of a lovely lass. Child’s play, my friends. Now imagine being subjected to several rounds of surra de bunda while being sandwiched between multiple dancers, sucking booze from their mouths, arses and crotches, having your head held in a thigh-lock as a test tube of liquor is shoved in your mouth, and getting your shirt ripped off in front of hundreds of women as an emcee riles up the crowd. “What?” you ask. “Is this sorority hazing? An episode of Fear Factor? People willingly do this?”

Many, in fact. For $100 a pop. Let’s take a quick moment for a short primer on lesbian culture. Lesbians love sports, specifically contact sports, such as rugby, basketball, and dodgeball. Any athletic endeavor that can cause a major sports injury that lands your leg in a robo brace for months on end is appealing to members of the Sapphic sisterhood. Likewise, if getting a lap dance doesn’t carry the risk of getting your nose broken by a flurry of pelvic thrusts or your neck sprained by the vise-like grip of a dancer’s thighs, it’s simply not worth it.

Said a young lady by the name of Chips, who was one of the victims appreciative recipients of a lap dance, “I’m just grateful for being a girl or I wouldn’t have been able to walk off that stage.”


Photo by David Pun


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