New Music Tuesday: 12-14-2010

Happy Tuesday everybody! I can barely feel my fingers or toes as I write this. Now please take a good look at my profile picture and remember back to the good old days when I still had skin that wasn’t completely chapped on my face. Remember me fondly.

CiaraBasic Instinct (LaFace)

My love for Ciara is no secret. First of all, she is so fly. Secondly, her dance moves give me that funny feeling in my belly where it feels like forest nymphs are dancing the Hora around my small intestine. Last, but not least, her brand of raw in your face hip-hop accompanied by soft R&B has what I need for just about any day.

Crystal BowersoxFarmer’s Daughter (Sony Music)

I stopped watching American Idol way before the Claymates’ hopes and dreams of Aiken being straight crumbled before their eyes — so I have no preconceived notions about Ms. Bowersox. What I can tell you though, is that she’s got a bright, crisp voice with a fair amount of soul and while this isn’t the sound I normally run to, I can see the beauty in it.

KandiKandi Koated (Warner Brothers)

Full disclosure: I can’t really take anything seriously when a member of The Real Housewives of Atlanta is attached to a project. OK, now to the music – it’s not bad, it’s cookie-cutter R&B that doesn’t really pique my interest. I’d be more interested if her awesome girl group, Xscape were going on a reunion tour. Of course, I used to have “Just Kickin’ It” on vinyl, so that doesn’t say much for me.

Diddy – Dirty MoneyLast Train to Paris (Bad Boy)

I’m so confused by this group. What are the girls there for? Everything I’ve heard on their MySpace page is classic Diddy call-outs, great production, weak raps, guest singers/rappers and that’s pretty much it. Overall, this isn’t for me, but feel free to enjoy at your own risk.

Honorable Mentions: Dntel (he’s got two albums this week), Greyson Chance (the “Paparazzi” kid Ellen signed to her label), Elvis Crespo (I still listen to “Suavemente” constantly), The Damned Things, Michael Jackson, R. Kelly, Merykid, Oak and Gorski, Shriekback, Tank and Volbeat.