N.Y. Scene Dec. 2010: Tabatha Coffey’s theater takeover, live bands, Truck Stop mayhem, and a new activity group for lesbians

Oh, I know you don’t want to read these silly words. This segment is about Truck Stop after all. You are here to check out the photos, possibly with one hand covering your eyes.

DJ Sam Deka

Proposition is on hiatus but should start up again later this winter. Join their Facebook page to find out details as they emerge.

Pink Apple Adventurers, Soft Launch @ Sky Rink, 12.19.10

[Apologies for the lack of photos in this segment. Security at the Sky Rink was KGB-style intense and my attempts at taking cell phone photos were thwarted. Had I brought out my Canon DSLR, I’m certain that it would have been tossed immediately into the Hudson River.]

The lesbian social scene in New York, as in any city, generally revolves around the bar and club scene. Finding a social outlet outside of the alcohol fueled hot mess of the lesbian bar and club scene is no easy task. One alternative is joining a lesbian recreational sports league, of which there are many, but often times, lesbians neglect to remember that these sports leagues are meant to be recreational in nature and instead treat them like the Olympic trials. Plus, what if you are one of those lesbians who react to a ball being thrown at you by shrieking and ducking, like myself?

Pink Apple Adventurers, a new activity group for gay and bi women launched by Brooklyn resident Courtney Mehlman, aims to fill the void. Instead of hardcore athletics that revolve around competition, Pink Apple Adventurers intends to bring together a group of women for light recreational activities every month. Think ice skating, rock climbing, and kayaking. The soft launch of Pink Apple Adventurers was held on December 19th at the Sky Rink at Chelsea Piers and was attended by around ten or so women, half of whom managed to hit the ice still reeking of tequila shots from the night before at Truck Stop. Way to rally, ladies.

For information on upcoming Pink Apple activities, join their Facebook group.

All photos by Grace Chu unless otherwise noted.