The Huddle: Bait and switch

Grace Chu: Blake Lively sitting on that chick’s lap and the phrase “share the pants” are vaguely lesbian-ish.

Courtney Gillette: Wendy and Lucy. Michelle Williams sports a hot shaggy ‘do, wears a hoodie, and is traveling to Alaska with her dog, Lucy. I’m sorry, didn’t we meet at a rally for social justice in 1999? Aren’t you my friend’s ex-girlfriend’s roommate’s girlfriend?

Truth is I loved this film, but did leave the theater scratching my head a bit. (“But she’s gay, right?”) Wishful thinking, I guess.

Lesley Goldberg: Girlfight. Yeah, I know, there’s a guy hinting as the possible love interest in the banner at the top of the movie poster. But would you look at Michelle Rodriguez? Definition of butch. And gay. But nope. The bastards. How much better would this movie had been if her character was gay and if the guy wound up crushing on her.

Trish Bendix: Purposely choosing to ignore the old dude make out session happening, I instead focused on the positives. First, Drew Barrymore and Sara Gilbert in the same movie. Second, the comparison of Drew to Sharon Stone’s bisexual character in Basic Instinct at the top of the poster. Third, the hope that Ivy was a wild bisexual killer temptress, as to fit with many stereotypes.

Were you ever duped — willingly or otherwise?

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