Afternoon Delight: Lesbians on “The Voice,” Jodie Foster goes “evil-ish” alien in “Elysium”

Good afternoon!

Happy birthday to The B-52’s Kate Pierson! The out singer turns 63 today. And a very happy birthday to actress Sally Hawkins (Tipping the Velvet, Fingersmith), who turns 35.

Last night I watched NBC’s premiere of the new singing reality show/competition The Voice (which clobbered Glee in the ratings).

I sat through the entire two-hour show mainly to stare at Christina Aguilera (although if I could chose a musical mentor, I’d pick Cee Lo for his wardrobe selection alone.) While watching the show I was pleasantly surprised when not one but two lesbians took the stage and wowed the judges and the audience. Vicci Martinez, a young lesbian from Tacoma, Washington shared her coming out story with America and rocked her Gimme Sugar style, which paid off since Cee Lo and Aguilera both wanted to work with her. In the end Martinez decided to work with Cee Lo.

The second lesbian who took the stage was 41-year old Beverly McClellan from Fort Landerdale, Florida. McClellan arrived at the auditions with her girlfriend and best friend in tow. (We lesbians never travel alone.) McClellan rocked out to Janis Joplin‘s “Piece of My Heart” and teamed up with Aguilera for mentoring.

I hope Martinez and McClellan stick around. Wait that sounds like a cop show, Martinez and McClellan: Two Lesbians, One Beat, No Prisoners. Watch the premiere episode of The Voice in it’s entirety at the NBC website.

Katie Couric has officially confirmed that she is in fact stepping down from CBS’s Evening News.  (Dear CBS, Please hire Ann Curry. Love, Bridget.) Couric spoke to People magazine about her departure from the show, saying, “I’m really proud of the talented team on the CBS Evening News and the award-winning work we’ve been able to do in the past five years in addition to the reporting I’ve done for 60 Minutes and CBS Sunday Morning. In making the decision to move on, I know the Evening News will be in great hands, but I am excited about the future.” Couric also discussed her future plans, “I am looking at a format that will allow me to engage in more multi-dimensional storytelling.” Couric is a pioneer and I can’t wait to see what she does next.

The Kids are Alright’s Julianne Moore stars as Sarah Palin in HBO’s Game Change, and today HBO released the first photo of Moore in costume. It creeped me out.

The film is based on the book of the same name by John Heilemann and Mark Halperin. Out actress Sarah Paulson will play McCain’s senior campaign adviser, Nicolle Wallace; Ed Harris has signed on to play John McCain; and Temple Grandin‘s Melissa Farman will play Bristol Palin. I will play a moose extra grazing in the background.

Are you obsessed with Battlestar Galactica? Do you actually believe you’re a cylon or live your daily life as a computer? First of all, what is wrong with you? Second of all, you’re not alone. On Monday night, the independent documentary We Are All Cylons premiered at the Sci-Fi-London Film Festival. Now I love Starbuck (aka Katee Sackhoff) as much as the next gal, but come on people, we’re not really cylons! Are we?

Speaking of sci-fi, Jodie Foster finally confirmed that she will play the head alien in the film Elysium. When asked point blank about leading an alien planet, Foster responded, “Yes. I hope I’m allowed to say that. I think I’m allowed to say that. That’s pretty vague.” What kind of alien? Foster also revealed, “I’m kind of evil-ish, yes, I’m kind of evil-ish, which you know I love.”



The film will be directed by Neill Blomkamp (District 9). Foster explained that there is not much information being released about the film except that it’s about aliens vs. the human race. Again? Why won’t those damn aliens just leave us alone?  Foster says, “Those sci-fi movies are all really hush-hush. I don’t even own a screenplay. They won’t even give me a screenplay. I’ve read it, but they won’t give me one to physically keep in my home ‘cause they’re so worried about everybody.” Or maybe because the aliens are watching us … OK, I just scared myself.

Let’s discuss something happier, shall we? The always funny and charming Tina Fey sat down for an hour-long fireside chat with Google’s Executive Chairman Eric Schmidt about her new book, Bossypants. love this woman!


If you missed Lindsay Lohan’s appearance on The Tonight Show last night, NBC has released the entire interview in three video clips. Lohan discusses her past mistakes and how she’s eager to get back to work and star as Kim Gotti in the upcoming mobster movie Gotti: Three Generations. Here’s the first clip:


Just go to the NBC website to watch the second and third clips.

Today the season finale of McManusLand (“The End of a New Beginning”) was posted on The final episode stars’s own Trish Bendix and all the important questions are finally answered. Will Bridget get her show back? Will Karman ever get peace? Will Taffy join the circus?  Login and watch the entire four-part mockumentary series only on Tello.

Lesbian/ Bi Photo of the Day:

Ellen DeGeneres tweeted a photo of Lady Gaga’s appearance on her talk show (which airs Thursday, April 28) and raved about the singer’s performance.

I’m happy that Gaga had a terrific performance but who’s going to pay to replace the studio roof? It had better not come out of my taxes!