Great LezBritain: 10 Reasons to GoGo

“Great LezBritian” is a fortnightly stroll through the very best of British lesbo-centric entertainment and culture. Plus there will be some jolly good interviews with the top ladies who are waving the flag for gay UK.

It’s British summertime. If you live or have ever been in the UK during the summer, then you’ll have noticed we’re a bit rubbish at it. It’s a season we’re suspicious of, and with ruddy good reason. For when we’ve just plucked up the courage to finally unveil our milk bottle pins to the sunshine, it’s already over. We’ve had our five days and our souvenir is some patchy sunburn. But there is one summer activity that we’re really rather good at, and that’s throwing a summer festival.

Glastonbury, T in the Park, V, Isle Of Wight, Bestival — for decades, old Blighty has led the way in making sure hundreds of thousands of people have a fracking, almighty weekend listening to live music whilst knee-deep in mud in a field. Shamefully – and we’re not going to let the Brits take all the blame for this because it is a world-wide epidemic – the overwhelming majority of the bands and the performers at these festivals, year after year, have one thing in common – and that’s a penis.

So what an utter delight GOGO Festival is. A new UK Festival run by women, for women taking place on the 17-20 June in Kent. Three days of live performances from brilliant female musicians, adrenaline sports, dirty discos, markets and glamping. Here are the ten things you have to do at this year’s festival (in no particular order).

1.  Try speed dating

In Lip Service when Tess admits she can’t flirt with girls so instead she just stares at them hungrily from across the room, did you sit nodding at the realisation that for you, this may also be true? Well, Speed dating at GOGO could well be the answer to your flirting woes. Just go along, take your a place and start chatting. If you are very lucky, it will lead to number two on our list:

2.  Have sexy times in tents

There’s not a lot more to say here than a two-lady tent and a double sleeping bag in full occupancy makes for a very nice time indeed. Tip: Don’t erect your tent too close to anyone else. It’s awkward. You’re welcome.

3.  Indulge in extreme activities

When you and your new girlfriend emerge from your two-lady tent on day two, what better way to show your trust and commitment to each other than indulging in some extreme activities? You could throw yourselves out of a plane, enjoy a spot of wing walking, or even hold hands on a romantic hot air balloon ride. For the less adventurous, there is a funfair and a climbing wall.

4.  Watch TV stars and their guitars

Arguably the two favourite characters in The L Word and Lip Service are Alice Pieszecki (played by Leisha Hailey) and DS Sam Murray (played by Heather Peace). But as well as being a hot gossip and a hot cop, both ladies are also hot musicians. Uh Huh Her, Leisha’s band with Camila Grey will seduce the audience with their indie-pop electro hybrid on Saturday night, while Heather’s trademark Gretsch guitar, sultry vocals and piano led torch-songs will be a splendid way to see the sun setting on Sunday evening.

Uh Huh Her

Heather Peace