Styled Out: We don’t need to borrow from boyfriends

Sometimes Elle magazine really nails it on the head and, let me be the first to tell you, they got it halfway right in the July issue. While paging through it last week, I was thrilled to see an entire spread of androgynous photographs showcasing two women.

There’s something about androgyny that is so completely sexy. I think it has to do with the balance of femininity and masculinity sharing the same air space and winding so fluidly within one another. Anyway, it was a sight for sore eyes.

After deciding that this would be a most excellent and exciting piece of journalism to share with all of you Styled Out readers, I went to their website to grab the full scope (duh). What I found will take your thrill factor over the gorge pics down, like, five notches.

It’s all about boyish charm. There is something so alluring about women wearing menswear styles, from neckties to slacks and brogues. Get the look of raiding your fantasy boyfriend’s closet from these timeless essentials.

For once, I would love it if they just left the “boyfriend” out of the whole discussion and let a lady think it’s entirely OK to, GASP, have a few (or many) more masculine items of her own! What a novelty.

They cite Patti Smith as an icon to follow, which was most definitely a step in the right direction, but as if adding insult to injury, they direct the straight women who their article is most likely aimed towards to the boy’s department at Old Navy. Too far, Elle, much too far. Now you’re pillaging our resources to achieve your so-called “boyfriend” look.

Pros? Good suggestions on where to get rad saddle shoes and a cool blog called Wearing the Pants which I was previously unaware of. Ultimate fail? Trying to get you to spend $80 on a plain white T-shirt. I mean, any self-respecting lesbian would never be so foolish as to make that kind of purchase.

What say you? Are you all right with the boyfriend marketing or would you prefer full on emracing of androgyny?