Styled Out: The butch aesthetic

In honor of my as-of-next-week wife, butches of the world, I am officially taking this last week as “single” femme to let give you an insider’s look at what we (as a femme collective) find hot.

Friends, lovers, butches; check this out! There’s an entire company dedicated to making underwear for ladies of the more masculine persuasion. Hooray! You don’t have to lean so heavily on American Apparel anymore, and — let’s be real — it’s nice to have options. You can’t really go wrong when there’s a pair of briefs called Trophy Wife and these boxers called “Lady Rider.”

Do you always have a hard time finding ties that aren’t massive or far too wide for your dapper yet still slightly more delicate frame? Look no further. Rabbitstop on Etsy has a huge selection of silk ties, with almost 150 of them being of the skinny sort, great for a lady’s frame. I was blown away by the amount of options.

It can be a challenge to bind and not be obvious, so it’s nice to have a resource like Underworks as a support system (pun intended). From their cotton concealer power series to their extreme series for chest compression, you’ll likely find what you’re looking for and since it’s online, it’s as discreet as humanly possible.

Dapper Q is an awesome butch resource: inspiration, information and general good community. I stumbled upon their How to Tie a Bowtie video in honor of the Butch Voices Conference. Do it up, Dapper Q!

In love and admiration, Emily H.