Your Weekly Women to Listen to: Katy Lin and the Moonlight Riders, Kim K O and more

What’s the good word everybody? The good word for me is that we’re already in the middle of the week and I’m going on a big gay camping trip this weekend. Let’s hope the weather is nice and the mosquitos don’t bite. While I’m sure you’re all sitting on the edge of your seat in anticipation of what else I could tell you about this trip, I’ll just go ahead and get to what you really came here for: a .gif of me breakdancing.

And music.

Katy Lin and the Moonlight Riders

File Under: Alt-folk, rootsy twang, bluegrass

From: Seattle

For Fans Of: Rhonda Vincent, Arlo Guthrie, Lucinda Williams, The Del McCoury Band, the Cracker Barrel, the Boot Scootin’ Boogie, cowboy boots with long dresses, rhubarb pie, chai tea, campfires.

Bonus: Katy, the band’s leader, is a member of our fantastically gay team. The band played the Seattle Pride Fest this year and are gearing up to release their third album in the near future.

Kim Ki O

File Under: Dreamy electro-pop with barely-there vocals blending into the synthesized sounds

From: Istanbul, Turkey

For Fans Of: A more electronic Slowdive, Air, conceptual art, Devo, Massive Attack, electronic movie scores, dimly lit rooms, suspence novels, Doc Martens, pot luck dinners

Bonus: The ladies of Kim Ki O are letting you download their latest album, Dans, for free. Isn’t that sweet?

Kim Ki O – Serbest Kalp Düşmesi by Radio ö

Alice Gold

File Under: Electro doo-wop, pop, with some R&B
From: London
For Fans of: She seems to go from one genre to another so this might seem a little weird but Oh Land, Eleanor Friedberger, Charlotte Gainsbourg, Norma Sass, KT Tunstall, fashion magazines, making a big entrance, Wes Anderson films
Bonus: Shout out to AE reader Nancy for the sweet introduction! Alice worked on this album with one of the best producers in the business, Dan Carey, whose credits include some of my favorites including Hot Chip and La Roux.

Alice Gold – Conversations of Love by The Recommender


File Under: Beats to get your body moving and your hips shaking with some Latin flava

From: The Dominican Republic

For Fans Of: L’Trimm, M.I.A., Rye Rye, Kid Sister, Ying Yang Twins, Bomba Estereo, getting freaky on the dancefloor (I’m talking about touchin’ yo’ toes), blasting your music from your car stereo, block parties catered to adults, maraschino cherries

Bonus: Maluca is signed to Diplo’s Mad Decent label, thanks to a chance meeting during a night out doing karaoke. Why don’t I ever run into people like that on karaoke night? Her latest single, “Lola” is a SERIOUS banger and the accompanying video features one Ms. Jenny Shimizu.

El Tigeraso by Maluca by aliabamm


File Under: Radio-ready pop, R&B, hip-hop
From: Born in India and raised in Norway
For Fans of: Santigold, Nelly Furtado, Lady Sovereign, Nicole Scherzinger, coconut flavor, lotions from Bath and Body Works, fedoras, Tyler Perry movies, Kelly Rowland
Bonus: In her bio it says that she grew up listening to a lot of Public Enemy, which I find very amusing. Also, her album, Shedding Skin, features some really funny skits featuring a stereotypical Indian mother telling SamSaya she’s too skinny and then flows into a song all about fast food. The fat girl in my loves this.

Jaywalking by Samsayamusic

That’s all for this week! Feel free to drop me a note with a suggestion or follow me on Twitter for more music updates, random ranting and pictures of cute animals!