Your Weekly Women to Listen to: FROGG, Little Fish and more

Well, I totally overslept this morning and now feel as though my brain can’t keep up with the coffee I’m pouring down my throat. I hope you’re having a great day so far and if you haven’t read my New Music Tuesday column from yesterday, I strongly urge you to do so. Yesterday was kind of a ridiculously great day for new music. Don’t worry, I won’t slack off in bringing the heat with my suggestions today. Speaking of heat, if you haven’t checked out the insane mash-up of Robyn and Whitney Houston yet, get your ass in gear and then get it ready to shake.

Of Monsters and Men

File Under: Folk indie rock
From: Iceland
For Fans of: Mumford & Sons, Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros, Noah and the Whale, hipster sports like kickball & dodgeball, wearing your favorite sweater or sweatshirt until  it is practically see-through, Laura Marling, optimism, progressive dinner parties.
Bonus: This is actually the first non-electronic band from Iceland that I’ve listened to that I can remember. At the 2011 Icelandic Airwaves Festival, the group was labeled by KEXP as “easily the most buzzed about band”. “Easily” – that’s some serious swag.


File Under: Sexual disco
From: Born somewhere in Europe & based in L.A.
For Fans of: Sade, Little Dragon, Annie Lennox’s slower songs, a sexier slower version of The Concretes, Everything But The Girl, Lisa Stansfield, trying to insert secret messages into things and seeing if anyone notices, wild guess here but I’ll say nipple clamps, preferring smooth peanut butter to chunky, “Position of the Day” calendars, studying psychology, Studio 54.
Bonus: If you aren’t scared of a little (a lot) of skin, the band’s beautiful and definitely NSFW video for “Open” was just released.


File Under: Foul-mouthed electro-hop
From: Germany/UK
For Fans of: M.I.A., Dizzee Rascal, gesturing wildly with your hands, Yo! MTV Raps, classic black and white Adidas sneakers, Lady Sovereign, Rye Rye, One Self, eating breakfast for dinner.
Bonus: The band just unleashed their first video for their debut album dropping in April in the U.S. and they’re giving the single away for free at their Facebook page (lyrics NSFW).

The Dollyrots

File Under: Punk-pop
From: L.A.
For Fans of: Killola, Empire Records, ironic concert T-shirts from the ’80s or non-ironic ’80s cartoon T-shirts, Letters to Cleo, Ugly Kid Joe, Save Ferris, Coco Puffs, Mountain Dew, plaid pants, crowd surfing, all-night diners.
Bonus: The band’s semi-new drummer, Alicia Warrington, is totally out and totally hot. The band will be releasing a new album in 2012 so be on the lookout!

Little Fish

File Under: Power vocals for folky rock badassery
From: Oxford
For Fans of: Heartless Bastards, Chrissie Hynde, dating someone either much older or much younger than you, She Makes War, being able to rock vintage clothing or shoes in ways most people cannot, eating healthy but drinking unhealthy, minoring in ceramic arts.
Bonus: Check out their awesome animated video for the single, “Wonderful,” and a huge thank you is due to Twitter user fellieni for the video and for the great suggestion!

Woo hoo, looks like we made it. Thank you for joining me for another week of recommendations! I hope you enjoy and when you hear something you love, spread the word! As always, feel free to follow me on Twitter, say “Hey girl hey” on Facebook or write my name on the bathroom walls telling people I’m a good time gal.