“Rosewood” recap (1.22): Me Without You

Last nights season finale of Rosewood has left us all feeling sad, angry and confused as hell. In case you missed the last few episodes, Mitchie tried to kiss TMI and she acted like she didn’t like it, then the next episode she kissed him (clearly liking it at that moment) and Pippy saw it happen with her own eyes.

In the first five minutes of this week’s episode, the group is at a party for the police force when Mitchie approaches TMI at the bar, saying its been 21 days since their kiss and even though it seems like Pippy and TMI have worked it out, he still thinks they should talk about. WHY has no one punched this guy in the face yet?


TMI tells him its fine, they are moving on, as Pippy walks up and grabs TMI and pulls her away from him.


Throughout the next few scenes with TMI and Pippy, everything seems to be going well. Although Mitchie is annoying and hanging around obnoxiously, the couple is taking it in stride and focusing on their wedding. They talk about how they have written their vows while they hold hands and kissing each other (only a peck but let’s just take what we can get at this point).


Later, Donna is helping Pippy with something as TMI enters with a big smile on her face. Donna leaves, off to meet her new man who happens to be locked up, and Pippy comes out from around the dressing screen in her wedding dress, looking amazing. TMI says she can’t believe she is doing this, but she is confused and she doesn’t want to get married. Pippy asks if its about Mitchie(it better not be about Mitchie or I think I will freak out), but TMI says no; it’s about her feeling like after she came out, she lost everything and she met Pippy and just clung to her and the rest of the Rosewoods to try and replace something. Now she doesn’t know who she is without Pippy. She needs to find out who she is. And it’s over.

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As if being dumped isn’t enough, later that night Rosie finds Pippy drinking alone in the lab. She tells him that it is impossible for her to see TMI, let alone work with her. She doesn’t want Rosie to have to choose between them, because they are both equally talented in their field, so, she quits. She is also staying with Rosie until she can figure out what she is doing with her life.


I’m pretty bummed about this breakup, although I recognize that this is a way to add to the plot of their story. There is no such thing as a perfect couple, so it would be unrealistic to have a perfect couple on television. I think what makes it difficult is that there are so few lesbian couples on television, that this one seemed to be close to perfect, and we at least had one solid lesbian relationship to enjoy while watching a semi-decent show. It also doesn’t help that there has been an annoying straight dude trying to interject into their relationship for the last few episodes, which makes me very nervous about TMI’s future.

We will have to wait until next season to see what happens between TMI and Pippy. Hopefully they get rid of Mitchie.