“Wynonna Earp” creator Emily Andras talks WayHaught survival


Emily Andras knows LGBT fandom. And she wants to reassure us that we can trust her with our stories.

The Canadian TV writer and producer served as showrunner on the much-beloved Showcase series Lost Girlone of only a few shows in TV history to give queer women a happy endingand is the creator of the new Syfy show Wynonna Earpwhich is building an enthusiastic queer female fanbase based on its WayHaught coupling.

Andras’ latest series, a supernatural Western based on the comic series by the same name, follows a female heir to the legendary Wyatt Earp, who has inherited a demon-killing gun. But what has garnered the love and affection of many lesbian and bisexual, as well as straight, fans is her little sister, Waverly and her burgeoning attraction the town’s newest sheriff’s deputy, Officer Nicole Haught. Yes, indeed, this show has given us another hot cop.

Last week’s episode, the ninth in the freshman series’ 13-episode run, turned the slow burn that was Waverly and Officer Haught, known by fans as WayHaught, into a roaring fire. Andras, who is keenly aware of the Bury Your Gays trope and LGBT Fans Deserve Better campaign, said the series filmed its first season from last August to this January, well before the controversy over Lexa’s death on The 100 and subsequent fan outrage began. But she fully understands the frustration and hurt the wave of recent queer female character deaths have caused fans–and believes it’s making a difference.

She also wants us to know that, through Hell and high water, Waverly Earp and Nicole Haught make it out of the first season very much alive.

“There’s definitely drama, and there’s definitely danger. But WayHaught survives, and WayHaught will be on screen next year — if it’s renewed,” Andras assured fans.


Andras spoke with AfterEllen from Toronto, where Wynonna Earp cast and crew are based, about the responsibility she feels toward LGBT fans, the impact the movement against the Bury Your Gays trope is making and the direction WayHaught is headed through the rest of the season. The show is still waiting to hear from Syfy about whether it will receive a second season pickup.