10 Reasons Kate McKinnon is Our Lesbian Heartthrob

We’ve been blessed with some amazing out and proud heartthrobs. Ruby with that Aussie accent and those tats! Samira Wiley with her smile that can turn your knees to jello. Ellen Page with her tiny fierceness and love of snapbacks. Well, it’s time to focus on another member of the Lesbian Crush Club: Kate McKinnon.

Yes, I know, Kate’s been around forever, and many of you have already loved her for years. So why are we going Kate McKinnon Crazy right now? Here are 10 reasons.

Jillian. Holtzmann.wink

Kate stars as the wonderfully weird )scientist Jillian Holtzmann in Ghostbusters and she steals the show with a well-placed wink and one-liner. There’s an action sequence near the end of the film that will have you cheering and swooning for Holtzmann at the same time. It feels silly to say this was the breakout role for Kate, who is a multiple-time Emmy nominee, but trust us: She’s who you are going to wanna call to bust your ghosts and steal your heart.

She has been an out performer from the beginning of her career

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Kate got her first big break on Logo’s The Big Gay Sketch Show. Just a baby gay back in 2007 (she was only 23 when she debuted on the show), Kate has never not been out to television audiences. Considering much has changed since 2007 (The L Word was still on!), being out so early in her career was a pretty brave thing to do.  

She’s the ultimate butch/femme all on her own.giphy

Whether she’s dressed up in her Calvins for the Biebs or knocking ‘em dead in a full-on couture gown, she WERKS IT. Looking for a girl who can do both? That girl is Kate McKinnon.  

She’s also a multi-talented musician!congrats

If you were a fan of TBGSS, you know Kate can sing and play guitar, but did you know she can also play piano and the cello? Unrelated, one time in 2009, I saw Kate McKinnon walking down a street in Manhattan. I may have shouted, “I know you!” in a slightly incoherent manner at her, to which she politely smiled and continued on to what I imagine was a fabulous brunch.

She’s a master of physical comedybieber

From the vivacious Fitzwilliam on TBGSS to her foul-mouthed alien abductee and Justin Bieber on SNL, Kate masterfully uses her body to capture every character.

She’s a fearless performermerkelvia badlance.tumblr.com

Kate leaves it all on the stage when she performs, making her one of the most fearless performers of her generation. She never phones in a performance, giving 100% every time, whether she’s leading a skit or film, or being a stellar supporting character.

She made glove lunch a thingglove lunch

Lesbians don’t go on dates. From now on we have glove lunches.

Dimplesdimplesvia mayawiig.tumblr.com

I mean, have you seen them? HAVE YOU, THOUGH?

She becomes the most meta lesbian ever when she impersonates Ellenellen

A famous lesbian flawlessly impersonating an even more famous lesbian? It’s like lesbian Inception. You know her impression must have gotten her an invite to play Scrabble at the DeGeneres-DeRossi compound.

She’s kind of mysteriousnod

The very private Kate keeps her personal life close to the vest, preferring to let her work speak for her. She doesn’t have any social media, at least publically, and avoids most of the online drama that other stars face on the daily.

Since we are all crushing on Kate McKinnon now, let’s make the comments section a Kate love-fest. Why do you love Kate McKinnon? p.s. Not everyone can say “the gun licking scene from Ghostbusters.”

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