Olympic medal-winning swimmer Rachele Bruni comes out

Italian swimmer Rachele Bruni officially came out this week after placing in the waterlogged 10k race and dedicating her silver medal, in part, to her “beloved.”

“I dedicate this victory to my family, my coach and my beloved, who have followed and supported me,” Rachele said. And when reporters asked to her to clarify, she confirmed she meant her girlfriend, Diletta Faina.

Marathon Swimming - Olympics: Day 10Photo by Clive Rose/Getty Images

“I’ve always lived naturally, without problems. I’ve never done a big coming out,” Rachele said (roughly translated). “Undoubtedly there are people who have too many prejudices, but I live peacefully. I do not think about the prejudices, I live for myself, for my passion for swimming and for the people who love me.”

Rachele and Diletta have been actively posting photos together on social media, but hadn’t spoken publicly about their relationship until now. 

“For us, it is normal,” Rachel said. “The blame, if anything, is the hypocrisy of the people.”

Diletta is in Rio to support Rachele, who would have taken home the bronze medal had French swimmer Aurelie Muller not been disqualified for her unsportsmanlike conduct, dunking Rachele underwater at the finish line

Marathon Swimming - Olympics: Day 10 Photo by Clive Rose/Getty Images

“The French swimmer has sunk me,” Rachele said. “At the finish she obstructed me and I could not touch the board. I am glad of the decision of the judges.”