Ordinary Women Make Herstory

Are you a herstory buff? Looking for something good to watch? Now you can turn your binge-watching habit into a learning moment thanks to the nonprofit Feminist Frequency. Their new web series, “Ordinary Women,” showcases the lives of extraordinary and courageous women you’ve probably never heard of, but should. From a mathematical genius to a woman once dubbed “one of the most dangerous people in America,”  these brilliant women are getting the recognition they deserve.

Feminist Frequency was founded by Anita Sarkessian, who brought to light the way women are portrayed in media and in the gaming world. In an effort started earlier this year to expand on that, Ordinary Women was born. If you check out the channel, it looks like new episodes continue to be added as funding allows.  Anita says of the series:

“Rather than heroes, leaders and innovators, women are often depicted and treated as secondary characters in history, objects of affections, damsels to be rescued, or merely the wives, mothers and assistants to the men who achieved important things. Instead, we’re taking a look back at the amazing women throughout history who defied gender stereotypes and changed the world, to remind us that the stories we tell about women—in TV shows, comic books, video games and in real life—often reflect the limitations placed on them, rather than the world-changing feats they’ve already achieved.”

Sounds like something AfterEllen can certainly get behind.

All episodes are available to watch for free right now on their website and YouTube, starting with this introduction: