Star-Sign Real Talk: Brutally Honest Lesbian Horoscopes

Horoscopes for Feb 27 – March 6

Happy Birthday, Pisces!  A lot of people adore you and you are the friend that others confide in for life advice.  You are the most well-rounded sign, knowing how to release a lot of social energy without overly exerting yourself.  You have issues with being taken advantage of because you can be too trusting.  Sometimes you find yourself having to fend off envious haters — because when you’re this awesome, inevitably some people are gonna get peanut butter and jealous.  However, your positive attitude towards life always helps you get over criticisms quickly.  No matter one’s star sign, there is a lot that can be learned from a Pisces.

Pisces You May Recognize

Your fate is written in the stars.  A lot of astrology readings are painfully ambiguous and could apply to anyone.  We’ve decided not to sugar-coat what the stars are trying to communicate to you this week.  Scroll down to find your super straight-forward personal horoscope and come back every week for your forecast!

Star-Sign Real Talk: Brutally Honest Lesbian Horoscopes

If you have a fragile ego (Ahem, Leos…) then you’re going to have to put your Sensitive Sally in check.  This isn’t your  local Sunday newspaper’s horoscope section.  AfterEllen is about to get REAL with you right now.  If you think you can handle it, scroll down and find out what that stars are actually saying to you this week.


March 21 – April 19

Rumor alert!  Information is about to be twisted so hard that you’re about to forget what’s real and what isn’t.  If someone says something enough times it becomes true right?  Wrong.  You know what the truth is, Aries, and it might be difficult to swallow the lies being spread about you.  However, if you find the perfect way to articulate what the reality is while validating those who “innocently misinterpreted” what they were told, you will be heard and be redeemed.


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