Molly Shannon’s wacky year

Molly Shannon is slightly crazy. Don’t you think? She’s crazy in a good way, but I can no longer pretend that she isn’t truly off-kilter.

I submit, for your consideration, the following evidence:

1. The Q&A in Premiere magazine, particularly these questions and answers:

What did you eat for breakfast this morning?

Shannon: I had an egg sandwich with cheddar cheese and ham on an English muffin. I love knowing what people eat.
What song always gets stuck in your head?

It’s an old TV jingle: “Almost everything you wanted but didn’t get for Christmas is on sale now at Sears!”

2. Her recent appearance on The View, during which she shed some light on the many wonders of breast pumps.

3. Her "Pop Culture Personality Test" in the new issue of Entertainment Weekly, in which she reveals a tendency to growl and a suggestible sniffer:

What word always makes you laugh?
Rascal. "What a little rascal." The sound of it sounds so … rrr-ascally. I just love rrr-ascals!"
Which talk-show host smells best? Conan. You just look at him and it smells like Irish Spring soap. I just smell the springs of Ireland.

Like I said, it’s a good kind of crazy. And it’s paying off at the box office: Her new film Year of the Dog did quite well this past weekend (especially for an indie film). Apparently people are a lot more charmed by a car full of dogs than they are by a machine-gun leg.