Morning Brew – Thurs. Aug. 16: Leighton Meester gets freaky with another woman in a bathroom, Tegan’s girl crush advice

Good morning!

How good is it, exactly? Well let’s start with this music video where Leighton Meester dumps date WIlmer Valderrama for Vanessa Curry, the singer for The Nomads.


I pretty much love all of it except for the ending. It’s like, why bother? Also, why are bathroom stalls so hot to get sexy in?

Bisexual model Jasmine Lennard has joined the Celebrity Big Brother house in the UK. She’s apparently famous for having a fling with Simon Cowell. Ugh.

The Swedish lesbian film Kiss Me will come out on DVD November 6. I highly recommend it!

Tegan Quin helped Dan Savage answer a question about girl crushes for Savage Love this week. Here’s her advice:

I’d gone most of my teens crushing on guys like Jared Leto, thinking that must make me straight. Even though secretly I was dreaming of make-outs with Claire Danes. I thought my crush on Jared Leto vetoed my secret girl crush on Claire Danes. Maybe that was society weighing down on me. Perhaps it was peer pressure keeping me inside the lines of heterosexuality. Or, likely, I just liked them both. Sexuality is not hard lines. It’s not black and white. Not for all of us, anyway. Some people know their whole lives who they are. Some people don’t. My advice: Go and kiss a girl, go and hold a boy’s hand. Don’t worry about who you are until you find out what you like. Maybe you’ll like both — and yay if that’s the way it turns out, because that means you have twice as many people to fall in love with.

Jared Leto is a confusing sort of guy, Tegan. I can see why you’d be unsure.

Megan Rapinoe talked about the future of women’s soccer and why she came out prior to the Olympics on All Thing’s Considered last night. Take a listen!


Remember Lisa Ling‘s look into “Pray the Gay Away?” on her show, Our America? She’s revisiting the topic next Tuesday on OWN, including an interview with the ex-Exodus International member Alan Chambers “who credits Our America with changing his mind, including his stance on reparative therapy.”

A new web series called LIPS follows a lesbian band who wants nothing more than to perform at the Dinah. We’ll start running the episodes when it premieres August 22.


Speaking of the Dinah, who is ready for the second part of The Real L Word goes to Palm Springs? A few clips from tonight’s episode.



For the record, Cori and Kacy, I don’t think you are the biggest Debs at Dinah.

In some sad news, Abby Elliot will not return to SNL, which means someone else needs to learn how to play Rachel Maddow. Maybe Kate McKinnon is up for the challenge.

Cynthia Nixon doesn’t want your Chik-fil-a. I know, it’s shocking.

Photo by Michael Loccisano/Getty

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