Literary Lesbian Couples We Ship

When I read this list of imaginary couples from literature I couldn’t help but wonder where all the lesbian pairings were. So, here are five lesbian couples for your enjoyment. My only rule was that they could not come from the same book or series because otherwise I would be tempted to have the entire list consist of “Hermione and Ginny 4eva” and that would be rather dull (not the pairing, that would be hot, but a list of one is not much of a list).

Susan Pevensie (The Chronicles of Narnia)  and Anne Shirley (Anne of Green Gables)

Both Susan and Anne are smart and stubborn, but Susan’s common sense would help balance some of Anne’s more impulsive tendencies. Susan, who is described as having long, black hair would give Anne a girlfriend with “jet black tresses” and a brain to go with it (sorry Diana, I always thought you were a little dull).

Idgie Threadgoode (Fried Green Tomatoes at the Whistle Stop Café) and Miss Honey (Matilda by Roald Dahl)

Who better for the Bee Charmer to date than Miss Honey? Bad puns aside, Miss Honey is astute enough to see through Idgie’s tough-guy persona to the caring, loyal woman underneath and what does Idgie love more than a kind hearted woman to rescue from an abusive relative, in this case Miss Honey’s wicked Aunt Trunchbull?

Katniss Everdeen (The Hunger Games) and Ginny Weasley (Harry Potter)

Both Ginny and Katniss are badass warriors who know what it means to lose loved ones to war. Having dated Harry Potter, Ginny has dealt with the whole being the girlfriend of the “chosen one” and dating a celebrity. If there is one thing that Katniss needs it’s someone who can give her a swift kick in the ass on occasion and I am sure that Ginny wouldn’t mind being the one to deliver it. It might be a combination that flames out in the end but the sparks would be undeniable.

DCI Carol Jordan (Wire in the Blood) and Det. Jane Rizzoli (Rizzoli & Isles)

Both of these lovely detectives have been known to track, and to be tracked by, serial killers. They are tough, smart, and willing to do whatever it takes to solve a crime. Both have a soft spot for certain doctors in their lives who help them solve their cases but perhaps never quite show the level of affection either woman seeks.

Alex Archer (In Lane Three, Alex Archer) and Emily Fields (Pretty Little Liars)

Alright so this might stretch things a bit since I am using television Emily rather than her book counterpart. Alex Archer is a fierce competitor who continually comes up second best to her rival Maggie. She wants to hate Maggie but can’t (Maggie’s evil mom is another story). She’s a little like Paige McCullers in a lot of ways, perpetually second, gets into freak accidents, and oddly likes her main rival. I think Alex would find Emily as irresistible as every other lesbian in the tri-state area and Emily would be drawn to Alex’s wit, ambition, love of her family, and their shared interest in swimming. Think of it as Paily without the any of those pesky misgivings about Paige’s temper.

I know I left out at least a billion other fictional pairings. So, please help me fill in the gaps. Who other than Ginny would you like to see fill up Hermione’s social calendar? What fictional characters would you like to see together?