Morning Brew – Thurs. Jan. 24: Listen to Tegan and Sara’s “Heartthrob,” Casey Legler models for All Saints

Good morning! How about the finale of American Horror Story? Wow!

Speaking of AHS, Sarah Paulson was on Anderson Live yesterday and she said she’s not too bummed about losing at the Golden Globes because she was in good company.

And because you’ve waited long enough, here is the entire new Tegan and Sara album Heartthrob.

How cute was White Collar‘s Marsha Thomason as a baby?

Tig Notaro says she has no regrets from her 20s: “Honestly, I can’t think of a single regret that I have. Every horrible decision that I possibly should regret in life lead me to where I am today. It’s difficult to feel anything but pretty great.” But out chef Gabrielle Hamilton has one: “In my twenties, I mistook meanness for intellectualism, and had this idea that if I had a razor-sharp wit, I would be perceived as smart — like Dorothy Parker or H.L. Mencken smart. I could have been so much kinder to so many people.” What a cool post from Paper magazine.

Out model Casey Legler is posing for All Saints‘ new campaign, which means two of my favorite things are in the same place.

Lifetime is airing The Perfect Family, so if you never saw the movie Emily Deschanel play Kathleen Turner‘s lesbian daughter, check the listings and catch it on your TV.

TVLine asks Jessica Capshaw about Calzona’s “quiet spell” on the show and she said it was not because the writers couldn’t think of something for them:

Yes, but listen, the [Season 8 finale] plane crash…. Again, TV magic. I was eight months pregnant when we were on location at Big Bear, and everything was hiding my big ol’ belly. I was eight months pregnant, screaming and crying and everything else – and that was before I even knew I was losing my leg!

And yet she says things could still get worse for them. Yikes.

This week’s episode of Go On had guest star Piper Perabo playing Simone, someone who everyone in the group has a crush on — including Ann (Julie White).

And in case you missed last night’s Supernatural starring Felicia Day as the lesbian queen of the LARPers, you can watch it at

Today in Lesbianish TV: The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Talking Liberally with Stephanie Miller (Current 9 a.m.), She Hate Me (WMAX 11 a.m.), The Talk (CBS 2 p.m.), *Secrets of a Restaurant Chef (Food Network 2 p.m.), *We the People with Gloria Allred (MyTV 2 p.m), *Roseanne (We 4 p.m.), *FriendZone (MTV 6:30 p.m.), Jane Velez-Mitchell (HLN 7 p.m.), Tanner Hall (TMC Xtra 7:30 p.m.), Jessie J: Live in London (Palladia 8 p.m.), The Rachel Maddow Show (MSNBC 9 p.m.), Grey’s Anatomy (ABC 9 p.m.), Glee (Fox 9 p.m.), *Degrassi (TeenNick 9 p.m.), Rent (Starz InBlack 9:40 p.m.), Archer (FX 10 p.m.), *Friends (Nick 11 p.m.) (Thanks Roni!)

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