The Huddle: Secret Talents

Everyone has a secret talent, and it’s time to divulge yours, ours and everyone’s. Like Sarah Paulson can do a great Holly Hunter impression. Who knew?

OK, team, spill it: What’s your hidden talent?

Grace Chu: After one drink I can do the running man. After two, I can do the Dougie. After three, I can do the worm. But Ellen still dances better than me.

Elaine Atwell: I am a freakishly talented tap dancer, but only if no one is watching. Like, if anyone sees me or even if I just see myself in a mirror, suddenly it seems like I’m just shuffling my feet arrhythmically like I’ve been afflicted with severe restless leg syndrome. But in my heart I know I’m amazing.

Ali Davis: My elbows are double-jointed. Not fully bend-backwardsable, but enough to freak people out. When I was in high school, I would occasionally get a “Dude! You should have been a guy! You could have gotten out of so many wrestling holds!” Now I mostly just use them to freak out drunk people by suddenly popping my elbow from straight to bent and pretending I just broke my arm.

Bridget McManus: This might be boring but I’m really good at house painting (i.e. walls) and math. I almost became a math professor and I LOVE doing my taxes.

Punky Starshine: This is really random (and I don’t know, maybe everyone can do it), but I can write just as fast with my left hand as I can with my right hand — but backwards. As in, what I write with my left hand would be perfectly legible if you held it up to a mirror. It used to be equally as neat as well, back when I used to fill notebooks with pages and pages of backwards secrets, sure that no one would ever be able to decode them, but since I don’t even do much right-handed pen-and-paper writing anymore, I’m a little rusty. But it still looks significantly neater than if I try to write the correct way with my left hand. That usually looks like something a drunk four year old would produce.

Lucy Hallowell: When I was a kid, I was a kick ass wood carver. I started out in class with pretty normal stuff, letter openers, bunnies, dogs. When I was nine or 10 I carved a big ass dragon based on the pictures from this version of St. George and the Dragon. I haven’t done it in a long time but for a while I was on track to skip right from high school to the pro lesbian woodcarving circuit.

Dana Piccoli: I am shockingly good at impressions and accents. Liza, Jennifer Tilly, Jodie Foster, Welsh, New Zealander, British — you name it. Talk to me for a few minutes in a voice and I can most likely mimic you. I’ve been doing it since I was young. I am also now incapable of telling a story without using different voices for each person involved.

Trish Bendix: I don’t mean to brag or anything, but I’m pretty good at zumba. Don’t get too jealous.

Fess up: What’s your party trick?