Morning Brew – Friday, March 29: A lesbian wedding in 1970, Kelli Giddish on looking like “the perfect family” with Coco

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If you’re wondering why someone LGBT on your Facebook is against marriage, maybe this Salon piece will help explain them to you. Out lesbian law professor Nancy Polikoff explains her reasoning:

My critique of marriage stems from the 1970s. As gay people began talking about this more, there were these questions about using the resources of fledgling legal groups on marriage. There was a significant contingent of people who identified as feminists who said, “This is the wrong approach, this isn’t what we should be doing.” That viewpoint carried the day for a long time. My point of view dates back to long before where we are now.

An interesting perspective! But on the other side of the coin, if you stand with Edith Windsor in her case against DOMA, check out this site and add your name.

Michelle Shocked showed up to her cancelled gig in Santa Cruz with her face covered and her mouth taped shut that said “silenced by fear.” She strummed a guitar but was not allowed inside the venue, obviously.

Love gays and alcohol are pretty much the focus of this list: 25 Ways to Live Life Like Karen Walker.

Jet magazine wrote about the nuptials of two black lesbians in Chicago back in 1970. What a handsome couple!

Kelli Giddish said she loves working with her SVU co-star Ice-T. In fact, she hangs out with his wife Coco and shared this with Playboy magazine:

I’ve got this picture of my dog and Coco and I just laid out on the couch as if we were the perfect family.

Kelli and Coco would be quite the interesting couple!

Out writer Ariel Levy profiled comic Tig Notaro for this month’s Elle magazine. An excerpt:

As Notaro was telling me this, she was playing with a loose, pink-faced platinum Rolex on her wrist. When I complimented her watch, Notaro’s reserved countenance cracked open for the first time in our conversation—she became visibly excited and a little flustered. As it turned out, the watch belongs to an actress Notaro has had a crush on for years, whom she started dating just as her life was shifting from terrible to incredible. “Tomorrow is her birthday, so I thought about getting this fixed,” Notaro said. “I’m not a religious person; I’m not even, like, a spiritual person. But it felt like she was placed in my life, and it carried me through.”

Photo by Tina Tyrell for Elle


In case you were wondering, Sassy from Vh1’s Black Ink Crew wanted to clear something up:

Heather Hogan sent me this brilliant piece in The Atlantic about LGBT iconography throughout time.

Note: If you’re a famous lesbian and you get pregnant, people are going to ask inappropriate questions about who the father is. Case in point: “Jenna Wolfe: My child’s father isn’t Matt Lauer or Lester Holt.” What? You didn’t ask your co-worker to impregnante you? Weird! That’s what’s happening on Chicago Fire! Here’s Jenna coming out, officially, on The Today Show to not-her-baby-daddy Matt Lauer.

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