Summer School of Swagger: Courses taught by your favorite fictional lesbian/bisexual characters

I was watching Bomb Girls the other day, swooning while Betty swaggered around like a champ, and I found myself wishing she would teach a Master Class in Swagger so I could learn how to walk like a professional lesbian. This led my mind astray, and I came up with a full course selection for a Summer School taught by lesbian and bisexual fictional characters. This is how my brain works. You’re welcome.

Master Class in Swagger

Section 1: Betty McRae

Section 2: Dr. Lauren Lewis

Required reading: Walk Like a Boss, Talk Like a Boss by Callie Torres

Teenage Lesbianism: Doing it Right

Section 1: Emily Fields

Section 2: Sophie Webster

Required reading: Through the Catflap: A Love Story by Emily Fitch

My Best Friend’s A Lesbian

Section 1: Gladys Witham

Section 2: Team-taught by Hanna Marin, Spencer Hastings and Aria Montgomery

Required Reading: Back of the Rig by Gabriela Dawson

Coming Out (Of Your Shell)

Section 1: Paige McCullers

Section 2: Spencer Carlin

Required Reading: I Think I’m Kinda Gay by Willow Rosenberg

Being a Badass Bisexual

Section 1: Remy Hadley aka Thirteen

Section 2: Bo Dennis

Required Viewing: Bicorns R Us: A Documentary About the Life of Brittany S. Pierce directed by Artie Abrams

How to Be Hot & Sassy

Section 1: Santana Lopez

Section 2: Naomi Campbell

Required Reading: Want. Take. Have. by Faith Lehane

Making the Uniform Work for YOU

Section 1: Leslie Shay

Section 2: Arizona Robbins

Required Reading: Bless The Perv Who Invented These Skirts by Quinn Fabray

How to Be Amazing While Trying To Evade Murder

Section 1: Emily Fields

Section 2: Lana Winters

Required reading: The Adventures of Xena and Gabrielle by Spencer Hastings

Balancing Saving the World and the People You Love

Section 1: Bo Dennis

Section 2: Paige McCullers

Required viewing: Buffy, Slayer of the Vampyres documentary by Andrew Wells

I promise, this is a fun game. Play along! What classes would you take? What other classes would you request, and who would teach them? I bet we could get a whole four year curriculum if we put our queer little heads together!