Troian Bellisario, Jennifer Beals turn up the heat in trailer for Season 2 of “Lauren”

Last year we ran the full season of the WIGS series Lauren, starring Troian Bellisario and Jennifer Beals. Here’s a little summary to refresh your memory:

Lauren stars  Troian Bellisario and Jennifer Beals as Sergeant Lauren Weil and Major Jo Stone, respectively. Lauren’s decision to report being raped by several male soldiers leads her up the chain of command to Major Stone. However, Lauren does not receive empathy from her commanding female officer; instead, she is faced with derision and beratement when Major Stone suggests that only women who think they’re “special” expect to escape a career in the military without being sexually harassed. But it’s not as simple as that. Both women are trapped in a system that is entrenched with institutionalized sexism, and both women are trying to be the heroes they hoped to be when they signed up to protect their country.

We mentioned back in March that the cast would be reuniting for a second season, and we’re happy to report that Season 2 will premiere this Friday, May 3. We’ll be running all of the episodes right here on In the meantime, check out the trailer for the new season:

And watch this conversation between Bellisario and Beals on the set:

Check back soon for our interviews with Bellisario and Beals.