2008 Hot 100 Preview: SANDRA BULLOCK

A master of both the romantic comedy and the dramatic thriller, Sandra Bullock has won our hearts since she became a mainstream movie siren in 1994’s Speed. The roles kept coming in, and it was impossible to miss Sandra as she starred in A Time To Kill, The Net, Miss Congeniality, Crash, and The Lake House (and still, these are only a select few.)

Perhaps Sandra is so hot because she brings a realness to every character she plays – a likable quality because she’s so likable in press junkets and interviews, and when her husband totally screws her over in Hope Floats by leaving her for her BFF played by Rosanna Arquette. Or maybe it’s that she’s been able to sustain a career of mostly watchable movies while staying out of the paparazzi’s harsh glare, keeping her life with her husband, Jesse James, to herself.

Sandra Bullock made the AfterEllen.com Hot 100 again this year. Any thoughts on where she’ll rank when the list goes up next week?