“Weeds” mini-cap: MILFs R Us

Shane? With nude pictures of his mama? Oh my. Well, that’ll teach me to go on vacation and miss Weeds for a week. I watched back-to-back episodes of the show this week and goodness gracious, I had to take a mega-swig of brain bleach after the “Yes, I Can” episode. I chugged the bleach like Thunderbird wine in a brown paper bag but you know how you can’t un-see something you’ve already seen? Yeah, well — it’s like that.

So, here’s a micro-recap of a mini-recap of the previous week’s episode. Basically it boiled down to a spanking (literally), a spanking (figuratively), some MILFy cheese and her new cheese whiz, a power play by Nancy, an Agrestic pot selling posse sighting, an illegal coyote start up company and charges being dropped against Celia. Did you get all that? Oh and it turns out that Capt. Till’s karaoke love was a planted seed that he’s gay! How did I not know this? It’s so obvious. (Now.)

In “Yes, I Can,” Nancy left tread marks on Guillermo’s back when she went over his head and asked the Man Upstairs, Esteban, for her own share of pot to sell to her client base. Of course, first she asked Guillermo for a cut of his supply but he said no so she flirted to the front of the line and asked directly. All it cost her was a robust over the knee spanking that she apparently really enjoyed because she smiled when she looked at Esteban’s handprints on her ass in the mirror. Nothing says “I dig a good spanking” than a coy smile.

While Nancy was making her return to power play, young Silas discovered a love for cheese or at least a lust for Rad’s mother, Lisa, who owns a cheese shop. Admittedly, the woman is as fine as an aged Roquefort, but maybe she’s a little too aged for 17-year-old Silas making the whole thing seem a little pungent like Limburger. OK, fine, I’ll give her a pass because she’s hot. Go Silas, it’s your birthday! Well, soon and you’ll be 18 and I can stop passing judgment.

Oh there’s good news for Celia: She won’t be charged with anything related to the grow house. Yay! But that means we don’t get to see her in her prison make up ever again. Boo! Poor Celia. The girl was either feeling really thankful or really lonely or really desperate or more likely all three that she even hit on Capt. Till. That’s some barrel scraping right there. But worse than her hitting on him he actually rejected her telling her he’s seeing someone. Turns out the some one is one of his male subordinates. Do I smell sexual harassment or is it just the smell of a tidy story line ender?

As for Doug and Andy, they interviewed Mexican nationals to get their take on how a good coyote business could work proving that market research is imperative no matter the business. While researching they also find a couple of guys that can help Shane who is acting as a general contractor for a bathroom addition for Bubbie’s house of Euthanasia. Nancy wants a new bathroom and Shane wants to make her wish come true. So, sweet. The things boys do for their mothers. Or is that to their mother or with their mothers?

Which brings us to Shane: In gathering all of Bubbie’s dreck for the estate sale Shane hosted, apparently he discovered old nude pictures that his father took of his mother before they were married and/or his parents. Isabelle ogled them, too! Heh. Now for many people seeing those types of pictures of their own parents would bring them to nausea but Shane being the lost, motherless soul he is these days, the nude pictures bring Shane to his nighttime bliss! Uh, hmm, um, yuck? Something’s wrong with that kid and I think her name is Nancy Botwin. No, I take it back — I know her name is Nancy Botwin.

Did the show cross the “ick” line with the Shane scene? Did Freud sit up in his grave?