The Breeders hire roller derby dames for their new music video

I’m fairly certain that no matter how many years go by, the Deal sisters will never stop being cool, and over the years no matter how big The Breeders got, they always remember their fans.

St. Louis Breeders fans were in for a surprise last weekend, when the band showed up to shoot a video with the STL’s very own all-female roller derby league, the Arch Rival Roller Girls.

According to the St. Louis Riverfront Times, the video is for a song that appear on a new Breeders EP this spring or summer.

This isn’t the first time Kim and Kelly Deal made sure to include some badass ladies in their videos. The video for “Walk It Off” from their latest record Mountain Battles, featured at least one very hot (and gay) female cyclist and a team of tattooed derby girls seems fitting.

The video was filmed on Valentine’s Day, and the Riverfront Times let the locals know a good way to get into the shoot for Breeders fans ahead of time:

We’re not authorized to leak specific details (this is a private shoot), but we will say that one wouldn’t have to work too hard to find the location and scam an invite. It’s a “friends of friends” style event so start asking around.

Seriously, though, it’s so awesome that the Breeders recruit their fans for their videos. One of the shots from Saturday’s video shoot features a pink-haired derby girl with a Breeders tat on her arm. There’s nothing like fan-love (especially hot, tough, skating fan love) to make for a fabulous music video.

The band is hosting an All Tomorrow’s Parties event in England in May, and has no other tour dates scheduled yet. I’m hoping a new EP is an indication that some dates will be scheduled soon.