Portia to Leno: “When I make out with Ellen, there’s no pain involved”

Portia de Rossi was on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno last night, promoting Better Off Ted, telling a long story about horses and dogs, and talking about her wife Ellen DeGeneres and the difference between kissing men and women.

My favorite quote? “When Ellen and I make out, there’s no pain involved.” Second favorite quote? “I don’t know how you ladies do it” (referring to straight women who have to kiss men).

Watch it here now:


Using the word “lifestyle” wasn’t the best idea, but I know Portia and Ellen have to be careful not to look like they’re recruiting. I also get the sense from the few interviews she’s done lately that Portia’s more introspective than Ellen, and less used to doing on-camera interviews. I suspect her stories will get shorter and snappier with more practice.

Speaking of snappy, don’t forget to watch Better Off Ted tonight at 8:30pm on ABC!