Bill O’Reilly calls Kelly McGillis a pinhead

Oh, the hilarity: Bill O’Reilly — aka King of the Hypocrites, Right Wing Nut of the Century — has called actress Kelly McGillis a “pinhead” for deciding to come out of the closet. While most of us don’t care what O’Reilly has to say anyway, I feel the need to defend her, or at least mock the commentator of my nightmares.

News Hounds, the site that watches Fox News “so you don’t have to” reported today that O’Reilly was a little disturbed by former Top Gun and LWord actress McGillis’ coming out.

News Hounds reports:

Top Gun star Kelly McGillis got O’Reilly’s top billing for saying that ‘she’s looking for a few good women — she’s a lesbian. O’Reilly, clearly in disbelief, quoted her as saying, “I’m done with the man thing.”

“As they say, different strokes,” O’Reilly said, “but I still believe that people who put their private lives out there for consumption are pinheads.”

Really? I suppose it’s better to keep your sexual desires in the closet and criticize everyone else in the world. Isn’t that right Bill? We all know how much you love sexy phone calls with coworkers who don’t want you, vibrator therapy and trying to cheat on your wife. Too bad the public has consumed so much of your private life. Don’t sexual harassment lawsuits suck? Bummer!

News Hounds drew some more comparisons:

“So . . . McGillis did make the pinhead lineup for putting her private life out there for public consumption as a lesbian; Republican and macho man Mel Gibson didn’t make the pinhead lineup for trotting out his new (female, by the way) hottie less than a month after his wife filed for divorce.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with Fox News, here’s the rule of thumb: Virile handsome heterosexual male faux-Christian anti-Semitic homophobic unfaithful husbands are given tea and sympathy, while beautiful, talented lesbians are pinheads.

And so it goes. Mel Gibson can hate on Jews, George Bush can endorse torture and O’Reilly can stalk progressive female bloggers, but coming out as a lesbian? What a pinhead move! No surprise, I suppose. Fortunately, O’Reilly is just another Fox News nut who thrives on nonsensical, hyperbolic bullshit, and we are pretty certain McGillis doesn’t care what he has to say anyway.