Christina Aguilera will become a “Burlesque” star

Christina Aguilera (or XTina, as I will always affectionately call her) is set to star in her first feature film, Burlesque. The plot centers around a small town girl who dreams of fame, fortune and, of course, burlesque dancing in Los Angeles. But XTina quickly learns that dreams don’t pay the bills — so she gets a day job as a stripper.

I think this movie is destined for a Razzie, and that’s not necessarily a bad thing. There are two types of horrible movies: the Gigli kind and the Showgirls kind. Gigli is horrible painful, Showgirls is horrible-hilarious.

Burlesque has all of the ingredients that made Showgirls so wonderfully trashy — small town girl, stripping and dancing. Oh, and as an added bonus, the director of the movie is Steve Antin, brother of famed hairstylist Jonathan Antin of Blow Out, and Robin Antin who founded The Pussycat Dolls.

Yeah, I’m totally there opening weekend.