Ben & Jerry’s runs a very gay ad campaign

Our cute brothers over at (hey boos!) ran a story about an ad campaign for Ben & Jerry’s latest adventure in dairy goodness, “Flipping Out” ice cream which is directed at, but causing a bit of a stir in, the gay community.

Here’s the ad: writes:

From the online chatter, most people find it hilarious, but there are those who question the “world turned upside down” execution.

Sure, I can see their point — especially since one of their readers pointed out, “I can’t get past the fact that ‘fudge’ is so prominent in the ad, and it part of an offensive name we’ve been called so frequently.”

Admittedly, that’s something that came to mind when I tried to think of some other slogans they could have used. But coming up with ad campaigns is not an easy job, especially when trying to come up with fun, non-offensive, gay-friendly ones about ice cream. Heck, even flavors aren’t easy to pull together. Let’s see how well we can do, shall we?

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend — filled with nuts, liquor and chocolate swirls.

Twink — Vanilla ice cream, yellow cake, vanilla cream.

Drag King — Vanilla ice cream, Almond Joy and Mounds.

U-haul — Chocolate ice cream, toffee and a whole lotta love

Yeah, not an easy task and knowing me, I’m more likely to offend as many people as possible.

Maybe what B&J (the irony of their name doesn’t allude me) are trying to say about the upside-down cow world is that it’s absolutely delicious,d own to the last drop.

Do you have any ideas for a B&J ad campaign? Did their attempt fail miserably, or just make you hungry?