Plezzure Island 2017: So many women, so little time.

It was a weekend for playing together but it was also a weekend of standing together. Year two of Plezzure Island, Texas’ only LGBT, women-centered resort takeover, was a packed house!

Pool parties with piles of floaties; guest DJs, including Citizen Jane, Snow White, GIIQ, Mo, and DJ2AM; pool games with hosts Rose Garcia, Kiyomi, and Angel Supastud; performers like Elle G., Julie Nolan; and Lady Cultura; a glow party with a surprise T-Rex sighting; a “sleepover;” speed dating; sun bathing in the sun that shone all weekend long; “bull” riding; and, yes, plenty of drinking – filled the island. Even I was thrown in the mix, initiating an impromptu fake orgasm contest and writing and performing in Friday night’s silly Sleepover kick-off skit.

But more than anything else it was a kind of – pardon the word – empowering weekend, seeing so many women of so many differing races and religions and ages and backgrounds and styles, all hanging out like those differences don’t mean a thing. Imagine that. Seems like the Wolf Pack who produces the event could teach the powers that unfortunately be a few things about getting along.

If you ever find yourself in South Padre Island, or you’re planning a trip there, it’s not exactly the Isle of Sappho, but definitely worth checking out! Get tickets and find out more  HERE.

All photography by ©Marina Cohen