2. My dad changed my birth certificate the day I went home from the hospital from Elizabeth to Beth because he didn’t want people to be able to give me a nickname. It was a fruitless endeavor since all of my friends call be “B”. 

3. I used to be a Personal Stylist.

4. I won a pie eating contest in high school.

5. Jenny is my favorite character on “The L Word.”

6. Every time my stepdaughter calls me her stepmom, I still have to fight off tears of joy.

7. My Star Wars stormtrooper bobble head has to be on my desk when I’m working.

8. I’ve seen the Dave Matthews Band every year since I was in 8th grade.

9. I will eat anything you put cream cheese on. Try me.

10. I have my own blog called The Babbling Blonde

12. My wife is a dual citizen of the US and Ireland, so our safety net is to move there if Trump gets reelected.

13. Kate Fagan is my Plan B.

14. Obidos, Portugal is my most favorite place I’ve ever been.

15. I got engaged at Niagara Falls. The Canada side > the US side.

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