Lez Dish It Out: AfterEllen’s Les/Bi Roundup

Hello my lady loving ladies! I hope the first couple weeks of 2018 have been phenomenal. It’s been a crazy January so far in lesbian land. Demi Lovato played a game with Ellen, Black Lightning premiered, One Mississippi broke our hearts, and our favorite YouTubers won the year already. Lez get started!

Chrissy and Bria are Engaged!


Chrissy Chambers celebrated her legal win in a landmark UK revenge porn case this week by proposing to her girlfriend, Bria Kam! Back in 2013 when Chrissy and Bria’s YouTube channel was reaching a fever pitch in popularity, Chrissy discovered her ex-boyfriend had posted videos of the two of them having sex on multiple pornography websites. The videos were made without her awareness back in 2009, when she and her ex had just broken up and he convinced her to get drunk and spend one final night with him. She was only 18 years old at the time.

Two years later, once Chambers came out and broke the news to him that she had found someone new, a woman, he began uploading videos of the two of them (without his face in the shots of course) to RedTube. The videos had been circulating online for nearly two years before someone she knew was sent a link and told her about them. By that time the videos were on nearly 40 different sites.

Since Chambers’ ex is from the UK and uploaded the videos over seas, the legal battle went there. What followed was four years of a brutal, laborious climb through the British legal system. The revenge porn distributed of Chrissy Chambers not only damaged her emotionally and mentally, degrading her as a woman in ways most of us can’t even fathom, it almost destroyed her career with Bria Kam as a professional YouTube couple. People were slut-shaming her and their videos were called out as being insincere since the the revenge porn featured Chambers with a man.

According to the longform piece done on this story by “The Guardian”, The “revenge porn law’ that was passed back in England in 2015 is full of grey areas, because it comes down to the issues of the intent behind the distribution. The incident with Chambers predates that passing of that law, so she and her attorney Ann Oliverius had to pull the parts of the law that could support their case, but they couldn’t rely on it fully.

In 2015, Chambers uploaded her own video to her YouTube channel to spread awareness about her situation and revenge porn. You can watch it here:

Chambers and her ex reached a settlement last year, but they couldn’t reveal their victory until the settlement was approved in court. She got a tattoo to commemorate the occasion back then, and two days ago, to celebrate the official approval and settlement, Chambers celebrated by proposing to Kam. We couldn’t be happier for these two or prouder to be fans of their YouTube channel and their impenetrable relationship. Congratulations, Chrissy and Bria!