“Melrose Place” takes its marketing cue from OMFG “Gossip Girl”

By now you are acutely aware that Hollywood has mined our collective conscience and that they will not rest until every one of our fond childhood memories is made into a big screen CGI blockbuster or a relaunched television show. Now, in an attempt to prove that there is literally nothing new under the sun, The CW has rebooted Melrose Place with the very same ad campaign they ran for Gossip Girl last year.

Menage a Tues? Get it, like “Menage Trois,” only instead of the French word for “three” they’ve replaced it with “Tues” so that it effectively means “Household of Tuesday”?

Since The CW is all into recycling, I’ll just go ahead and use a little something off one of their old Gossip Girl promos: “WTF?”

Here are two more equally absurd posters:

See what they did there? Hump? Bitches? Even though it makes no sense?

After looking over these images, I’ve finally decided to give in. What’s the use of fighting it? So, go ahead, CW: pillage my past. Here are some TV shows I used to watch. I’ve gone ahead and made some promo posters based on your sensationalist marketing strategy.

What do you guys think? Would these sexed-up posters have made you more likely to have watched the series, or is there something to be said for leaving a little to the imagination?